Secrets on the Lake is the undisputed jewel in the crown of the Sunshine Coast hinterland’s accommodation retreats. It has been an iconic family business for 30 years now since first opening our doors with The Whistle Stop in 1994?. And like any family… all 5 of us have our different favourites. George and I love all of our treehouses and cabins equally though (even if I might like one better than the other on a given day 😉). They are all uniquely beautiful, with their own special features, views, and creative quirks, but the Whistle Stop has an extra special place in our hearts. It was our first cabin. And judging from the many beautiful guest comments… it has a soft spot in your hearts too.

Secrets on The Lake | The Whistle Stop is turning 30 years old… for the second time!

The Whistle Stop is no ordinary building! It has been loved by many in its newest incarnation as one of our family cabins at Secrets on the Lake, but also in its first life as the Beerburrum Railway Station originally built in 1910. After 83 years of service the Beerburrum Railway Station was closed and put up for tender in 1993. George and I put in an offer which was accepted. We believe they had intended it to be taken up by a local council but luckily for us no other interest was shown. So, we paid up and asked Eddie Wright (who trades in old Queenslanders) to deliver it to the very special rainforest site that we are all familiar with.

Situated at Burpengary, Eddie and his sons opted to deliver it early in the day to avoid the worst of the traffic. A white pipe was draped over the ridge in the roof and tied down and they trucked it along in the moonlight, arriving at dawn to reverse it onto site ready to drop it automatically into place on the pre-prepared new stumps. Problem was that their electronics weren’t working!! And so began a painstaking process of back and forth, left and right, twist and turn, in order to correctly align it with the posts. They got there in the end, but I think George turned a whole new shade of grey that day!

Secrets on The Lake | The Whistle Stop is turning 30 years old… for the second time!

Many moons ago, while our eldest Cath was Studying at UQ, George worked for Sid’s Colonials at West End… his brother’s reclamation business for old Queenslanders. We purchased many second-hand materials from the colonial era and also tended for and spent time at weekends breaking down old railway buildings. The used pine flooring at that time was sold for the manufacture of colonial furniture which was in vogue in the 90’s. We stockpiled the rest for future use at Secrets on the Lake.

So, we renovated and extended The Whistle Stop with materials honouring its original incarnation. We were careful to keep to the antique style of the 1910 era and converted it into the perfect spot for a romantic getaway for two, a retreat for two couples, or a blissful rainforest escape for a family of four. 

Secrets on The Lake | The Whistle Stop is turning 30 years old… for the second time!

Crossing a beautiful wooden footbridge over the babbling creek, The Whistle Stop now sits majestically in its final resting place amongst lush established gardens in a private clearing with beautiful lawns and just 200m from the start of the Great Walk trails of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. This completely self-contained space gives guests a truly private rainforest experience with its own rustic undercover spa bath and BBQ area right by a beautiful mountain stream.

Over the years we have continued to lovingly maintain it, and have subtlety changed it to include a more modern kitchen and decor. Guests of The Whistle Stop continue to enjoy the easy access to the rainforest and surrounding gardens while still being able to enjoy all the facilities at Secrets on The Lake a few hundred metres away.

We have priced the Whistle Stop as our lower budget family option. Ideally suited for families… though many other guests have picked it as their favourite and continue to come back year after year. And for the second time since 1940… The Whistle Stop turns 30 this year! We invite you to book a well-deserved rainforest getaway experience and help us celebrate this grand old dame of the bush.

Secrets on The Lake | The Whistle Stop is turning 30 years old… for the second time!