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Elopement packages for a beautiful day

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It was a real pleasure to recently come across a stunning series of photography showing the different elopement packages we offer here at Secrets on the Lake. The blog post from Lou O’Brien was focused exclusively on the stunning grounds and location at Secrets on the Lake, and really showcased the natural beauty and romance that Secrets is renowned for.

Lou O’Brien really captured the essence of Secrets on the Lake with her kind words…

This beautiful boutique resort is like no other in Australia. When you enter the grounds you can feel a change in the air, it’s just magical.

The photography also shows the consumate skill and create passion that Lou O’Brien has as a wedding and elopement photographer. Lou focuses on capturing your special day in a stunning way and helping couples create a stress free wedding. Make sure you take a look at the full series of beautiful elopement photography here.

Secrets on the Lake really is one of the the Sunshine Coast’s and Australia’s most iconic elopement and wedding destinations, with a range of stunning choices for your ceremony locations. If you’re planning an elopement or wedding and looking for a venue, please browse our wedding gallery to see the stunning location, and make an enquiry with our wedding team to book a tour and learn more about how special your wedding or elopement can be at Secrets.

We sell gift vouchers!

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We sell gift vouchers!

Our customers buy them for all sorts of reasons…..

A gift for a friend or loved one, to say thank you for a job well done, an extra special thank you for an employee. The list is endless.
They make a wonderful Christmas, birthday, anniversary, engagement or wedding present or just because.

People sometimes like to give a gift of a specific accommodation package for one of Secrets treehouses or they purchase a gift voucher to give an amount (minimum $200) towards a stay OR to eat in our daytime restaurant “Secrets Dining on the Deck” (minimum $50).

We ask you to use your voucher within a 12 month period. Conditions apply e.g. We will not sell a voucher for a single Saturday night as they are rarely available. They are available for every other night of the week and can be extended to be used for longer stays.

Know what you want? Purchase Directly. Use our gift voucher form and pay through PayPal. Allow 24 hours to receive your voucher in PDF form attached to an email in your inbox.

Like to know more about your options or have a special requirement? We would love to receive your call +617 5478 5888 between 8am and 6pm to help you. This is the best way particularly if you want something special. If it is urgently required, it will arrive that day.

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Dragonfly - Secrets on the Lake Maleny Accommodation

Why people love coming to the Hinterland in Winter

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What a surprise this week has been! We have had two different film crews through our doors, both of whom called us the morning they arrived saying that they had been highly recommended to come and film at our retreat as it ‘showcased the best the hinterland has to offer’! Can you see how big our smiles are!! Those of you who know us, know we are humble Australian folk who are modest about our dreams and achievements… but gee its fantastic that all our hard work has been acknowledged in this way on television not once, but twice this last week 🙂

Late last week we had a call from the BBC program ‘Wanted Down Under’. This UK show has been running for 14 years and features Brits planning to relocate to Australia. It takes them to their chosen location and finds them work experience within their field, then takes the couple around all the great places and things to do in that region. The call to us happened while they were filming the couple browsing around the Yandina Markets on a particularly wet Sunny Coast Day. Apparently, we had been the overwhelming consensus of the most atmospheric place to take the couple for a fantastic meal with a beautiful lakeside view, enchanting carved boardwalks through the rainforest, and truly embodying the best of the Hinterland experience. The crew were absolutely charming… and on seeing our magical Secrets Garden Wedding Venue with all its dreamy pond, bridges, and decking, the couple were angling to get the BBC to pay for their wedding here when they are able to immigrate. We would be very chuffed to have you tie the knot with us one day!

Yesterday we had a call from a young reporter for WIN News who wanted to do a feature about ‘why people are drawn to the Hinterland in winter’. As winter is traditionally our busiest time of the year, we have an idea or two, and were very happy to oblige… and the reporter was here 45minutes later! He spent 2 hours with my daughter in law Sarah and was shown our Dragonfly treehouse, the Secrets Garden, and then had a meal at Secrets Dining on the Deck restaurant. The smile couldn’t escape the young man’s face as he absorbed the magic of our special place, and he was snapping pics for his personal Instagram page as he openly planned taking his partner here in the not too distant future. You can see the WIN News feature segment attached to this this blog.

And why are people drawn here?… well, we are easily accessible by a scenic drive only half an hour away from the hustle and bustle of the ever-growing populations on the coast… and yet we are a world away with our lush rolling hills, pristine rainforest, amazing national parks, creeks and waterfalls. We have a thriving restaurant, and Art & Crafts scene, and are consistently a few degrees cooler than the coast so in winter than means snuggling with your loved one in front of our cozy log fires and soaking up the magic of our rainforest location on the shores of magnificent Lake Baroon. And if you can’t find the time or ready cash to stay in one of our beautiful world-class luxury treehouses, then booking a table at Dining on the Deck means you can still enjoy the toasty log fire, optional fleece knee rugs, amazing lakeside views, and fantastic menu choices as you soak in the magic of Secrets rainforest location and intricate woodcarvings.

Do you know that feeling when you finally lift your head up after a period of long focused hard yards working in so many different ways to accomplish your dream… and you take a moment to smell the roses. You see the smiles and affection coming back at you from all those your dream has touched. It is a truly special feeling… and my family here at Secrets on the Lake are all glowing with it this week. A big thankyou to everyone out there who has recommended us and supported our business. We hope to see you all again soon! For more information or to book please contact our friendly staff on (07) 5478 5888 or email or visit

Romantic Accommodation Maleny - Secrets on the Lake

Making a difference…

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Sometimes we all wonder if what we are doing makes a difference? It is so lovely when life gives you a situation where you are reminded of the impact we can all have on one another. Recently I attended a seminar at Visit Sunshine Coast and was touched to find that the seminar leader had honeymooned at Secrets on the Lake and could not speak highly enough of the experience. But the icing on the cake was when I was leaving the event, much to my excitement, one of the ladies from the tourist team facilitating also approached me warmly, and said exactly the same thing! You should’ve seen my smile!


George and I have been creating our dream of Secrets for a long time. When we first opened our doors 25 years ago there were only 15 businesses in the hinterland incorporating Montville, Maleny and Mapleton. We all knew and respected each other, and we met and networked and had fun. Now I believe there are well over 150 businesses and add Air BNB into the mix and things have changed a lot over the years. However, our approach has never changed (unless, hopefully it was for the better). For us its all about the lovely details and thoughtful extras. When you arrive at Secrets on the lake, you don’t just get to stay in a luxury treehouse… you receive our complimentary offerings of a luxury breakfast basket with bottle of wine, home-made scones with jam and cream on your arrival, and croissants or muffins to top up breakfast each morning.


Our focus has always been to create the best, most magical experience for our guests, and every detail and feature of our treehouses has this experience in mind. We were the first business in this area to do a luxury BBQ hamper for our guests, and then a honeymoon package… and an escape package followed. Over the years we have put together some romantic and unique extras you can add to your stay to make it suit your personality. Now you can propose in rose petal words and trails, amidst luxury chocolates, cheese platters and celebrate the ‘YES” with a private restaurant prepared meal for 2 in your luxury treehouse. Its your choice!


We would be our pleasure to share Secrets with you as well. Just takes a visit to our website or a quick phone call to our office where the Secrets team will help you. And if you see me in the street please don’t hesitate to come and say hello… I’m still wearing my smile from the lovely comments at the seminar!

Possums - Secrets on the Lake Maleny Accommodation

Take a break

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George and I have just had a week away to our favourite bolt hole on the coast in NSW. We have totally (or almost very nearly) put business on the back burner and spent the time resting, reading, going for walks and even went to the movies to see Bohemian Rhapsody. I actually managed to arrange a manicure and pedicure for myself… a real treat! We’ve tried to be good about food but also have enjoyed eating out most nights. Why? Because who wants to slave over a hot stove when on holiday! To top it off we have had lots of laughs with friends.

So… it is with this in mind that I can say with 100% surety that there really is nothing like a short break away to revive and rejuvenate! We returned to Secrets yesterday to find the staff had done really well and all was running like clockwork… and they had even arranged a top secret gathering of George’s nearest and dearest at the Lakehouse for his 75th birthday. He looks great for having had a break. We can only recommend it.

We would like to invite you to reap the benefits of getting away from it all and factor in a short break of your own. Some time to reconnect with each other, rest and rejuvenate. When you plan to visit us we have it all covered… the treehouses gleam, the lake is full to the brim and the gardens are flourishing, the chef’s are cooking up a storm, the staff are caring and professional, and along with all that, the Hinterland behind The Sunshine Coast beckons you with its amazing scenery, walks and iconic places to visit. Let us help you to book in some downtime. Call us on 07 54785888 or press the Book Now button on our webpage

The Veronicas Weddings in Maleny at Secrets on the Lake

Keeping Secrets

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Over the years we have had many, many guests propose, get married, honeymoon, or simply relax and rejuvenate in our luxury treehouse cabins nestled in the lush rainforest overlooking Lake Baroon on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Some are just like you and me, and some are just like you and me… but famous. Respecting the privacy of every single one of our guests has always been very important at Secrets on the Lake. A recent example of this ethic is the gorgeous wedding of the Veronica’s Lisa Origliasso and Logan Huffman here at Montville’s Secrets on the Lake and featured in Vogue Magazine who had exclusive rights to cover their special day.

It was our absolute pleasure to be the ones to host their wedding reception a few weeks ago. The Veronicas are more than just another guest to us. In fact, we have welcomed Jess and Lisa nearly here at Secrets on the Lake for more than a decade… and it has always been a pleasure to welcome them through our hand-carved doors! The Veronica’s have not only been wonderful guests but have taken a personal interest in our staff and been very kind to their children and our grandchildren… over and beyond actually!

Logan has also been coming now for many years and has a keen interest in our gardens and horticulture, spending hours discussing the gardens with George. Secrets Garden venue has a stunning lake backdrop with magnificent bridges, decks, rockpools and waterfalls… perfect for mingling after a truly memorable ceremony. As nature junkies, our Secrets Garden wedding location was the perfect fit when it came time for this lovely young couple to tie the knot. After much discussion over many months, they created the vintage style wedding reception suited perfectly to them and it has been our privilege to be involved in their special day.

Its been very hard to keep such a special secret secret… being famous is both a blessing and a curse. But we would like to remind you that we are all just people… and when it comes to your special day, we treat everyone with the same love, care and respect to make sure that we do everything within our power to fulfil your unique requirements and create the perfect location for your special day. Our Wedding team help to design your dream wedding… from elopements to fully hosted weddings & receptions for up to 80 people. Secrets on the Lake allows you and your partner to make the choices. You choose the perfect time, the perfect season, the perfect cabin… with rustic, waterfront, and rainforest settings available you can be sure we also have the perfect location for your vows.

We invite you to visit or contact us to inspect our facilities. Why not make some Secrets of your own and arrange a lunchtime tour to sample our incredible food at Dining on the Deck our daytime licensed restaurant.

Secrets on the Lake Maleny - Our Story

Why We Welcome Direct Bookings

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They say change is inevitable… however sitting here with the wisdom of my seventy plus years, the rate of changes and the extent of them is often mind boggling! George and I have been in the accommodation business since 1994 with Secrets on the Lake. When we opened with our heritage cabin called The Whistle Stop, the key was left under the mat for guests to let themselves in! It was a simple world where guests gave us a call and made a booking by talking to us directly. They either posted us a cheque with the deposit or gave us a credit card number and we posted their booking confirmation out to them… the original snail mail. There was no middle man and in general getting away was pre-planned event worked out between you and I communicating.

I don’t have to tell you how different it is now in 2018. That personal touch seems lost but it really doesn’t take much to re-establish that connection. “A simple booking” on the surface seems so easy… but it is not. There are all sorts of complications and hidden charges. Huge multinationals are now poking their large noses into our business and a simple transaction has become crazy. Let me explain…

Secrets has a vacancy. You are wanting to come stay. Instead of calling us or visiting our website (best found by keying In the actual website and hitting the BOOK NOW button… there are hundreds of booking sites out there vying to take commissions (anything up to 30%) out of the tariff that we need to charge. They then ask us to offer discounts or they themselves offer discounts out of the commission so our agreement to offer the same tariff is undermined. They don’t ask us for permission to do this, they just do it. Meantime you, the guest, are often paying more for your stay than if you had contacted us directly. Nobody wins but the international booking sites.

But it doesn’t stop there! Other things complicate what should be a simple personal process. For your convenience, we have a Paypal account for when guests purchase a gift voucher online. Paypal charges a merchant fee of 3%. The latest ideas include Zip Pay and Afterpay. These allow you to pay off items in 4 regular payments in a regulated timeframe but have the use of them now. The cost to the accommodation owner is another 6%. Can you imagine the book keeping involved and the nightmare of keeping these complicated listings and accounts in order?!

We ask our wonderful customers to bear this in mind and remember the simple way… by using our BOOK NOW button OR give us a call (07) 54785888 OR email us through our contact page. Bring back the personal touch and reap the advantages… you have the pleasure of discussing which treehouse you would like, or taking advantage of our money saving midweek specials, or getting some answers to your individual questions, or requesting a tailored version of a package, or a payment plan that suits you. The joy of it is, in addition to saving some money on your stay, we can begin to make a personal connection with each other again in this impersonal world. Those connections often leading to friendships… some of which are now up to 20 years old.

Update on Secrets

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Secrets Bookings now made easier.
For the best booking experience
visit Secrets on the Lake’s newly updated website
Available on all devices…. iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Computer.
Our website has all of our information in an easily navigated format Visit us on a regular basis to check our special offers, now on the top of the home page, and to choose the extra add-on packages that we can offer.
You’d can read our latest blogs and choose to order one of our gift vouchers through our online option or send an enquiry.
Bear in mind booking through our website or alternatively giving us a call (07)54785888 will allow you to request one of our special offers or a particular treehouse. Secrets staff can assist with any of your booking needs down to tailoring your special occasion such as tips for your proposal, wedding, elopement, honeymoon, anniversary or long awaited holiday.

Tips to bear in mind.

A standard stay at Secrets on the Lake includes more than just a bare room tariff.

Enjoy our sumptuous breakfast basket with its complimentary bottle of wine given only on arrival. It is unexpected and delightful and included in most of our standard tariffs.

We offer to all accommodation bookings delivery of home baked croissants or breakfast muffins(select from our muffin menu)

We have treats such as our afternoon tea home baked scones with strawberry jam and cream served complimentary on arrival. For seconds order the Devonshire Plate with beautiful coffee at our cafe.

Secrets offers free canoeing, bushwalking, and the use of a massive billiard table

Our BBQ, picnic and meal options delivered upon request to your cabin means you don’t need to leave your treehouse and it is truly a holiday for everyone.

George the Gardener alias ‘Farmer Brown’

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George has had a number of diverse careers in his life. First up he became an electrician and did his apprenticeship in Dalby. By the time I’d met up with him again (we were sweethearts in high school together) he was running a large and successful highway fruit shop business at Grantham on the Toowoomba Highway with his brother Sid. They had started this business from scratch. Some of you may remember the giant orange on a wooden wagon out the front of the shop? It has since been sold and repainted and still exists in Gatton. By the time the fruit shop was sold, we had learnt the art of working and watching the world go by when most were having fun. We always worked long weekends and mostly everyday of the year except for Christmas Day

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Blessed Rain

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In recent times, there has been  a drought particularly here in the catchment of Lake Baroon. Any serious rain has seemed to bypass us and due to SEQWater siphoning off large amounts of water South to other communities and to Brisbane, we had been left with a sorry excuse for a water supply dam. However, the recent rains have helped to improve the water level as well as give a thirst quenching drink to our rainforest and gardens. For the past 12 months George has been working to bring our gardens to a higher level and with the help of Phil and Jeremy our maintenance guys, he has got them to an awesome standard. To top it off our son Rob has rebuilt the jetty and we have been waiting for it to get its feet wet. It is a stunning job!

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