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As a parent it is an amazing and sometimes nail-biting journey watching your child take their first steps… on the loungeroom floor, in the schoolground, in their career, and in their relationships. As you watch your children walk out the front door into this big wide world, confidently taking steps towards their dreams and life’s journey, it is a special moment of pride, joy and dare I say… a tinge of sadness.

It’s a fine line traveled between shouting hallelujah at their successes and then holding yourself back when they stumble along the way to allow them to build the resilience to stand tall and on their own two feet. But wherever possible you offer words of comfort and unconditional love… they will always be your babies. And wherever possible you do what you can to help ease their journey.

Our daughter Cath has recently listed her unique 3 story Montville house at 79 Balmoral Road for sale. It’s a beautiful property with amazing investment potential… it has 2 street frontages and 2 completely separate 3-bedroom apartments with 180-degree ocean views. Ready to live in, rent or Air BNB the apartments, or turn into a massive 6-bedroom home. It also features the elevated wooden boardwalks, decks and platforms from the builders of the iconic rainforest getaway Secrets on the Lake at Lake Baroon. As a parent I am thinking outside of the box and want to do everything I can to expedite her sale… so we are offering a weekend stay to the lucky buyer that acquires this property and their own little slice of Secrets. As a parent we do what we can to help…

And then, when your nest is once again empty. What do you do?! Where do you go from here? This is your time and sometimes you need reminding who you have become, and of the things that give you joy and happiness. Seize this time! Grab the moments of joy and reconnect with each other as a couple… not just as Mum and Dad!

George and I believe that one of the best ways to do this is to regularly find time for a little escape far from the madding crowd… to celebrate each other and your relationship, to rekindle the fires, and to reinforce your connection. This is one of the reasons we built our treehouse retreat in the hinterland hills over 20 years ago. Secrets is a special place lovingly designed to celebrate romance, connection and creativity. When you come to Secrets, you are welcomed into our family… you are not just given a key and shown your cabin. There is a reason we have been billed on national television as ‘the perfect romantic escape for couples’.

After 50 years of marriage, George and I know a thing or two about romance and we have poured all that we have learned into creating our magical wonderland. We invite you to come and visit… whether for a romantic meal at our Dining on the Deck daytime licenced restaurant, with arguably one of the best lakeside views in the hinterland… or to spend time together in one of our stunning hand-crafted luxury treehouses.  Because if you’re lucky… this time belonging to just you is fleeting… the blessing is that you might be lucky enough to get to start all over again with your grandchildren!

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