What on earth has George been up to?

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The new pitCustomers and guests will have noted that George has been missing in action for a few months now. They might have smelled a rat when in late September a very large hole was dug at the side of the reception building and, what is unheard of, a great chunk was cut out of an expensive cement drive to make room for the hole. In very quick time plumbing was setup and block walls were erected filling the whole to create a basement room. This room alone will occupy George for many months as it is his dream workshop. A bit like the average backyard shed only Secrets style.

working hardThe next revelation was a team of builders slinging large beams across the basement room and standing walls to support a further floor topped with roof trusses thrown up by a large crane. Guests watched with fascination “What is it going to be?” The race was on to get the lower floor finished. Stainless steel benches, shelves and specially made storage for cleaning agents, linen, towels, guest products appeared. By the beginning of December washing machines and driers were installed and an amazing laundry and storage area came together. Our staff were very excited.

the new laundry storageMeantime the old laundry was stripped bare and roof reinforced to take an exhaust fan. New kitchen equipment was ordered and stainless benches and splash backs organised. Months before layouts for efficient workspaces had been agonised over by George and chef and my opinion regularly sought. It is here that George and I need to acknowledge the invaluable input from Steve Birch from Birch Sheet Metal. Steve is really on the ball. Also we need to mention our friend Stewart Brain who has helped us through the planning and a great team of builders and tradesman who have pulled out all stops.

cafe deck looking emptyOn Monday 25th January we closed our cafe and gallery and work began in earnest. The first 3 nights, George not to be distracted, has painted and repainted the walls into the night. Walls are being filled with benches and appliances and where we had a kitchen the size of a postage stamp we now have a wonderful space where the major stresses will be taken away. Food will be served hot and efficiently, failing human error.

Meanwhile, Deb has had a few new gallery ideas which we hope will surprise you when you visit. Let’s know what you think!

Thank you for your patience and by Saturday 6th February 2016 we will be ready to share our new look cafe, kitchen and gallery with our wonderful customers once more.

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