What does love mean to you?

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We have based our business on creating a magic space where couples can reconnect with one another in our luxury treehouses nestled in a rainforest wonderland by the shores of Lake Baroon. I guess by the very definition of ‘reconnecting’, there must be a ‘connecting’ somewhere. It makes us smile to know that a lot of connecting goes on at Secrets on the Lake too.

A beautiful part of what our business offers you is a truly stunning location for couples to get married in our lush Secrets Wedding Garden. With its rockpools and waterfalls tinged by hand-carved decking areas and bridges, to its signing tables and reception areas within a stone’s throw of the lakes edge. I know I am a little biased, but I truly believe this is one of the loveliest locations to be married in the Sunshine Coast.

We have had the honour of hosting many ceremonies over the years. From 80 people full sit down reception, every treehouse booked for a week style celebration of love… to heart-touchingly simple elopement love declarations for two. We are all different… and so are the important details of our special day. This is the foundation of your wedding experience at Secrets on the Lake. We help you choose what is right for you…

So what does love mean to you? Because if it is all about committing to the person you love for better or for worse, saying ‘I do’… but saying ‘I don’t’ to paying off a wedding loan for the next 5-10 years, then we can give you another reason (do you really need one?) to give Secrets a call. Our Secrets All-Inclusive Midweek Elopement Package not only includes your venue, photographer, celebrant, florist, cake, canape reception and romantic interlude lunch for two… but it also includes 2 nights in a luxury treehouse for the honeymoon! We even provide 2 witnesses, or you can bring two of your own for the ceremony. All of this for $3350 if you book by Dec 2019! So, if love means everything to you, and you are lucky enough to have found ‘the one’ you are meant to spend the rest of your life with… don’t let money stop you! It really can be that simple. The best things in life often are!

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