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The staff at Secrets on the Lake love a wedding, no matter how big or small. More recently we have had a number of tiny ones… in fact Elopements.

The Perfect Elopement Plan!

The marriage ceremony is very personal and a number of our guests want to escape to marry. They want to find the perfect spot in our gardens (and there are many) and with a minimum of fuss, and perhaps a couple of witnesses, tie the knot. Then a toast with champagne, a special lunch looking out at the view from our cafe on the deck, followed by a stay in one of our stunning treehouses.

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The Nest

DIY Weddings – Up to 15

Sometimes elopements grow to what we call a “Do It Yourself” sized wedding up to 15 people. The family of the Bride and Groom and a very few friends, wedding celebrant, perhaps a member of the family snapping away to fill the family album, a special place in the gardens, a few props where necessary and you have a lovely wedding which is personal, romantic and affordable. Of course you do have all the little details to do yourself. Secrets staff can assist where necessary, but, there is a charge. Often The Nest is booked and they will have a small reception, BBQ style on the deck or a small event in the Lake House or lunch in the cafe.

weddings at secrets on the lakeOr a Wedding Planner

There are those who would prefer us to arrange everything for them no matter the size of their group. They tend to choose those options that involve our wedding planner Susan.

Yes here at Secrets we love a wedding, the wide variety of truly lovely brides in their special wedding gown, the colours they choose and the myriad of styles. We continue to be fascinated by the special things that distinguish one wedding from another and the joy on their faces when the deed is done.

In all of the wedding styles above there are conditions and costs. Please visit our website or email or call us on 07 54785888 for information on weddings at Secrets on the Lake.

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