Weddings at Secrets on the Lake Montville

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What’s a wedding About.

It seems to me that choice of a wedding venue and style of wedding is terribly important. However, the meaning of the day is more important. I have often said I could be happy living or even working anywhere as long as it is with George and I knew my little family unit was safe and content. I have put this to the test. When I was teaching I worked in quite isolated places and when we have been travelling likewise. We lived and worked a small farm, under the lake now , with a very tight budget but an amazing lifestyle.

A wedding is not much different, I could get married anywhere as long as my family and friends were there and helping to witness the vows of marriage and helping to give the day the ceremony and celebration that I felt it was due.

So hugely expensive pomp and ceremony wouldn’t do It for me but a happy relaxed crew who were wholeheartedly there to witness what is a major milestone in our lives would. For me who cares about the formality of the reception layout or the $2000 wedding dress. Mine was made along with my bridesmaids dresses in the space of 5 days in the August school holidays a month before our wedding day.  Woe to go I drafted the patterns and sewed them train and all, hung them up in my wardrobe and went to visit George in the second half of the holidays. At this time on short notice ended up in hospital to have a benign galloping breast lump removed. I had only begun to stand up straight when I had to walk down the aisle and in the meantime my dress had become slightly too large. I was just so excited to be able to get married that day after all.

Most weddings that we have here at Secrets have something special happening from arriving in a horse drawn vehicle or vintage car, to letting off butterflies at the ceremony or having the ring arrive by Seron the eagle. To having pictures of the bride’s pets occupying the front row seats or beloved horses being the witnesses at the wedding ceremony. Obviously these are very meaningful to the bridal couple. Recently we had the bagpipes being played at the wedding ceremony of an couple from a Scottish family. This reminded me of George and I being piped into the church at our wedding. The piper was Joe McDiarmid who had put the thought into George’s head to invite me to The Highland Ball in Toowoomba 48 years ago. It was there that he proposed, so Joe was asked to attend and play at our wedding. The Scottish accents were thick on the day too.

Planning a wedding at Secrets involves looking at how to make the occasion memorable and part of that is to make it memorable for the guests too. They all want a piece of the couple’s time too. Some brides don’t want speeches, but, at some weddings, the speeches are what brings the house down. The funny stories, the attempts at speeches by the children as well. My happy memory is of my five year old grandson at his mother’s second wedding saying “My Mum and Dad got married today!”

Happy Planning! You are most welcome to visit Secrets on the Lake to check out our venue. Feel free to come anytime but sometimes a quick phone call will let you know the best time on the day to get the  most out of your inspection. Bear in mind the Hinterland Tourism Wedding Showcase happening on the second weekend of  January Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th January 2017.



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