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Massage at Secrets

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Makeup and Hair

  • Trish Bebroth – makeup artist 0450624948
  • Velvet on Montville, wonderful hair styles by Mel (07) 54785588

Friends of Secrets

  • Cathy Lawley – Fun in the Mud 07 5494 2892 (Cathy has created our wonderful boardwalk lanterns)
  • Jack Wilms – Obi Valley Woodworks 07 5472 3996 (Jack has made a lot of our signature carved cedar furniture)
  • Lindsey Muir – Rainforest Bar Relief Style Sculptor
  • Marc Kalifa – Glass Sculptor
  • Cath Johnston – Sculpture 0400 660 192 (Our daughter Cath is an award wining sculptor represented in the National Archives, and also creates our popular christmas card and graphic design needs). Cath is now the Creative Director of Secrets Gallery.

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Secrets on the Lake are part of the Montville Getaways group. View other members by clicking the link.

Gift Voucher

We create gift vouchers for our guests who want to share a little bit of Secrets with a loved one, a friend or even a loyal employee. It is always the right time to think about purchasing a Gift Voucher. We are very happy to help with any information about our gift vouchers which can be for a specific thing such as a 2 night stay at a particular time or as a voucher to use within a specific time period. A single Saturday night is not available by using a gift voucher as we have a 2-night minimum stay Sometimes it will be an amount of money towards a stay or a cafe gift voucher.

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