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One never forgets the amazing emotions of the day and events when your loved one proposed. For some of us it was planned to the last detail, while for others it was spur of the moment, a revelation, that this was the only thing to do and no matter how soon, we can’ t go another day before popping the question.  No matter how, it is so symbolic thereafter, that many of us want to make it as extraordinary as possible.

Here at Secrets we are always adding to the repertoire of what is possible. A stay in one of our treehouses alone is a once in a lifetime experience. Which becomes a tradition into the future. Add on a bunch of perfect roses,  an “I Love You” or “Will You Marry Me” written in petals and the Perfect Picnic or Lunch in our Secrets Restaurant on the Deck and you have a perfect formula for a proposal.

Consider a new and unique idea. Contact Secrets on the Lake or Gold River Jewellers at North Lakes who can arrange to fly you and your partner here, by helicopter, to land on our Lawn below The Secrets Garden, only to discover, written in White Pebbles, your very special endearment. But it doesn’t stop here, upon exploring you will find waiting for you inside the Lakehouse, a perfectly set table with an antipasto platter, dessert, roses and a bottle of champagne chilling on ice. Open the folding doors you will have a secluded spot with a view to the lake where there is a cooling breeze.  Staff leave it setup for you and steal away,  so you are alone. The stage is set. What could be more romantic? Not only is this possible. It is only a matter of a phone call to arrange.

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