The Story About Slippers

Years ago, when talk about our environment began to surface, George and I took a good hard look at what we could do to improve our practices. We needed to keep the phosphorus levels in our waste water down to prevent destruction of the environment in the local waterways. We pumped all waste water around to a flat area between and beyond The Whistle Stop and The Nest. We chose an enviro tech which used bacteria rather than chemicals and we chose citrus, environmentally friendly cleaning products and we urged our guests to reuse their towels to reduce the amount of waste water and contamination.

Since we were mostly in the rainforest we found that solar solutions were not feasible and this was disappointing. We, as far as possible, recycled our waste and tried to minimise any unnecessary packaging and waste.

We also concentrated on improving the surrounds for our treehouse accommodation, by extensive planting of native trees into the rainforest, a safe haven for wildlife. Guests wishing to explore our wonderful gardens can experience the freshest of air along with the beautiful views.

We have changed the majority of our lights to cheaper longer lasting LEDS and no one can tell the difference.

We tried to use packaging in our BBQ Hampers that we could wash and reuse but after losing expensive plastic containers either to the bin or taken home by guests we succumbed to using disposable containers for a lot of our hampers. We do, however, take the time to wash and reuse these when we can. We have made our own strawberry jam (made only from farm strawberries from Twist Berry) for years and try to reuse the jars when guests kindly return them.

We now use pure, chemical free spring water which is great for drinking and making tea.

When we began our journey designing, building, maintaining and hosting accommodation that would please our guests, we considered everything before introducing it. We knew it had to be sustainable into the future. The subject of slippers was raised.¬† We even trialed putting them in the tree houses. Disposable white toweling slippers are in effect throw away items. In general you can’t recycle them as they can’t easily be washed to a pristine state. So they are environmentally unsound. Most of us own a pair of slip-ons that can be put in our luggage. As a special favour to us and the communities trying to dispose of ever increasing piles of rubbish, we ask that our guests to remember to put something in their luggage that will help to keep their feet warm.

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