The Secret is out…

RACQ just voted the Hinterland drive the 2nd best road trip in Queensland. It was only bested by the Pacific Coast way, which ironically the Hinterland drive is also a prominent part of!

Though it is always fantastic to see our beautiful region get its due accolades… this news comes as no surprise to those of us already living, dining or holidaying in the Hinterland! This place really does have it all… and there is something here for you whatever your unique interest may be.

Whether you are taking off in the family car, jumping on your bike, putting the top down in your convertible, or going for a helicopter ride. Whatever tickles your visual fancy, we have it in spades…

Check out the stunning national heritage listed Glasshouse Mountains. Their unique exposed sub-volcanic landforms and remarkable aesthetic attraction has become dreamtime legend over 60,000 years and is one of the biggest tourist attractions of our region.

National parks abound throughout the whole of the hinterland. Take your pick or try them all out over time! Set out through the pristine temperate rainforest of the different trails comprising the Great Walks or simply find your perfect spot and relax by the babble of our beautiful mountain creeks and waterfalls.

With each step up the range, the lush green paddocks become a little bit greener… and becomes a little cooler than the famous beach towns right at the bottom of our hill. And when you arrive at the iconic tourist town Montville, you can take a pitstop and cruise the many boutique shops, galleries and crafts our region has become famous for.

Lake Baroon provides us with stunning lake views and recreational activities… and the range section of the Hinterland Drive gifts the day-tripper with a multitude of magnificent views of the lake, and of the ocean and sunshine coast beaches beyond on the eastern side of the range. No two days provide the same view… and every day gives a unique slant on the natural beauty of the Hinterland.

And the best part about Queensland’s best driving route is something that combines all of the blessings of the Hinterland in one location… a visit to Secrets on the Lake! Drop in for a meal at our iconic rainforest restaurant Dining on the Deck, with arguably one of the best lakeside locations and views our region has to offer. Spend some time to really enjoy the sights, sounds and experiences of the Hinterland and book to stay in one of our world-class luxury treehouses featured on National TV as ’the perfect romantic escape for couples’. Our treehouses are nestled in the rainforest canopy right on the shores of magnificent Lake Baroon.

The hinterland drive offers locals and tourists a truly unique experience with very little traffic, uninterrupted ocean, mountain, and lake views, and plenty of safe places to stop and pull off to take the perfect picture or smell the clean mountain air. We look forward to showing you our back yard next time you are in the hills. For more information or to book a meal or treehouse please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff on 07 5478 5888 or email or visit

(Images provided by guest Wendy Hargreaves staying in Secets penthouse cabin last week)

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