The Perfect Proposal

George and I have had seventeen years of observing the lengths that nervous prospective bridegrooms will go to, to make those four words “Will you marry me?” special.

Numerous telephone conversations take place about the whole strategy. These bookings are rarely made online as it is too important to get it just right.

One of the first occasions that I recall, was when the bride was made to wear a tea towel around her head and to sit in the car, all the way from Brisbane, until he had checked them in. She was then lead along the board walk to “Two Frogs” for their stay. She had no idea where they were going. In fact I recall he had told that they were going camping and had packed the boot with tent etc.

Ring boxes, bags of white pebbles, bottles of special champagne and candles are spirited in.
Special bookings have been made with restaurants, picnics prepared with the ring box in, canoe rides and now special bookings for the gazebo. George disappears from time to time to create petal endearments saying “Will you marry me?”, or to make a “heart on the bed”, or even a petal trail or all three. Nothing is too much trouble.

I recall the one time when, the groom arranged to take his bride on a drive for the day and they had come to check out our beautiful “Possums”treehouse. We sent them along to take a look. He gradually began to take liberties like sitting on the lounge, bouncing on the bed, turning on the water in the spa etc. She was beginning to be quite concerned about his behaviour, when George followed along with their luggage. The groom had arranged with her boss to have the next day off, have her flat mate pack her a bag and visit “Secrets on the Lake” all without her smelling a rat.

It is always a lot of fun. Conspiracies the name of the game and the joy is in seeing the happy couple once he has popped the question coming to show us the ring and to share the happy news.

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