Thank You Deb!

By September 13, 2016 No Comments

Recently I packed my bags for a 3 week trip to a wellness centre in India. Aim was to lose weight, work out the aches and pains and come back with renewed energy. I have achieved someĀ  of my goals after being massaged with warm herbal oil, scrubbed with herbal powder, pounded with bags of herbs dipped in hot oil, rubbed with bags of rice dipped in hot milk every morning I was there. Along with hot mud on sore bits, foot, knee and back massages with flex oil, warm oil poured back and forth on my forehead and wonderful spinal, knee and ankle adjustments by an amazing Yoga Doctor Jayrah.

But what did I come home to? Deb had decided to move on just a week into my health break. Well what can I say? I was ready to jump back on a plane but my team were wonderful stepping up to cover what was needed while I was away.

However, I have to thank you Deb for the hard work you have done for me over a number of years. I wish you well with your future plans.

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