Stop and smell the roses…

By February 12, 2019 No Comments

Secrets is a very special place… George and I think it is one of the most magical places in the world! Our treehouse guests and Dining on the Deck visitors let us know on a daily basis that the peace, creativity and connection to nature that is the cornerstone of Secrets touches the hearts and souls of all who visit our rainforest wonderland.

Often George and I are busy serving guests, maintaining our beautiful treehouses and manicuring our lush gardens. We don’t often get the chance to sit and smell the roses. In the quiet times like early this morning when I woke to the beautiful bird song that pulled me from my sleep, I feel immersed in its peacefulness and renewed by the calm and spiritual energy that has made this place a gathering spot for the Aboriginal tribes for many thousands of years. We can grab a moment and allow ourselves to get lost in the wonderful views of magnificent Lake Baroon and the cool of the pristine temperate rainforest. And then there are also the many lovely things that we have brought about in the building of our dream… such as our amazing gardens, and the unique and truly delightful treehouses where our passion and creativity was allowed full steam. Yes… we are not biased to think this is one of the most magical places in the world, and we love and are very proud to be here.

However, even being lucky enough to live and work in paradise, we too need to have a holiday from time to time. The most recent plan to find a bolt hole for 2 weeks in February this year fell under a bus, when some key staff dropped the bombshell that they were leaving, just before we were due to head off. Damn there goes the cruise ship without us. If you are like us and can only grab a few days here and there amongst work and staff commitments… we understand you entirely.

We are often time poor… but even grabbing a few days escape is enough to recharge the batteries and reconnect busy relationships.  Secrets is the perfect place to do just this, and for people who live in South East Queensland you won’t need to spend days travelling to reach paradise. Why Secrets? Because it ticks all the boxes. Peace, tranquillity, escape, beauty, excitement, exercise, things to do or not to do if you so choose. For some of you, it’s also a chance to revisit and catch up with George and myself, enjoy great, healthy, homemade food and taste treats from our Dining on the Deck daytime restaurant or delivered to your treehouse door. You might also like to venture out to sample the delights of the restaurant culture that the hinterland has become famous for. The delightful part about it is that for Sunshine Coasters, although it is just a hop and a step away, it’s also a world away. Take a moment… smell the roses. We will see you soon!

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