Secrets Wishing Chair

Guests often relax in front of the fireplace in reception. The comfortable black leather lounge is very tempting, particularly in the middle of winter. Previously we had borrowed our son Rob’s lounge which was massive but it was always on the cards that he would want it back, and, of course he did, and sooner than we expected.

There wasn’t a suitable black leather lounge to be found.

What did George and Rob decide? Of course they would build one. A day was spent designing one out pieces of cedar. The next step was a trip to the shed to see what they could find. Much to my amazement the tractor arrived with a huge cedar root being winched in front which they proceeded to deposit on a large trolley. Cardboard was spread over the reception floor and the massive root was dragged through the reception and out onto the deck.

It sat there, upside down, while Rob shaped, smoothed and carved it. Guests watched rapt. George sanded, polished and tongue oiled. Marion Uithol’s special glass features were commissioned and a sort of leather seat made. After 2 weeks, it was placed back onto the trolley and wheeled to where it has taken pride of place in our reception for at least 12 years.

George being George couldn’t let it go at that. It became our wishing chair and many of you would have heard his spiel. “Why don’t you try out our wishing seat! Don’t forget to make a wish, but you can’t tell. Management get’s 5%” ¬†Obediently they will sit holding hands with eyes tightly closed. We hope every time that it comes true.

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