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Secrets on the Lake is celebrating 26 years of Operation

By August 19, 2023 No Comments
There are 2 main things that our guests tell us when they check out.
“We kept finding things! There are special surprises everywhere. Another carving or special design or delightful spot.”
“We seemed to be able to relax straight away. It’s like you leave everything behind!”
I realise that apart from our reception and treehouse design, the extra carvings and special corners where Rob has done his rockwork and Phil has spread the mushroom mulch and planted beautiful shrubs and flowering plants, there is an extra energy here in the rainforest and by the lake and mountains.
Over the years I have tried to understand what that is about. Is it our design which has some guests weeping when we check them in? Or is it the sacred nature of this area called Baroon pocket where for 60,000 years First Nations people celebrated their Bunya Nut Festivals, peaceful gatherings where the bunya nuts were enjoyed, where the emphasis was on connection rather than fighting.
Or is it the rainforest itself. More recently I have been made aware that rainforests have a positive effect on our health. In fact research has revealed that the health improvement factor of regular visits to the rainforest is as much as 20%.
So, we all should spend time outdoors and in national parks and rainforest where we can rid ourselves of emotions that can destroy us and where we can breathe the energy of nature.
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