Secrets Magic…

Secrets is a family owned and run world-class luxury treehouse accommodation retreat, with a stunning lakeside wedding garden venue, and AGFG award-wining daytime licenced restaurant… and looking at us now it’s hard to believe that back when we first opened our doors, it was operated by just our family members! Granted, we were a bit smaller way back then… just 6 treehouses and the WhistleStop. Secrets on the Lake, much like our family, has been a labour of love with a life of its own… and in the end, better than anything we could have dreamed it to be.

I turn 75 this weekend! Where did the time go! I am writing this as I’m sitting in favourite nook by the log fire in our reception. My son Rob has just passed through checking with George about his latest building project, asking for more details on ‘What would you like me to carve Dad?”. I can hear my daughter Cath laughing and doing a happy feet dance in the office after gently coaching a young farmer on how we can help him devise a secret proposal for the love of his life. My daughter-in-law Sarah has just taken a small group of restaurant goers for a tour of one of our treehouses before the lucky couple who have booked it arrive for the next few days. I can hear the excited chatter of the group who have experienced a glimpse of the magic of our treehouses.

And then there is our wonderful staff… who feel like family, many of whom who have worked with us since before my teenage grandchildren arrived. And those cheeky grandchildren are now getting taken under those staff’s wing to learn the ropes in the restaurant and kitchen on weekends and school holidays. And then there is the lovely guests who come back year after year… some who have come to stay with us every year since we opened 25 years ago… guests who have become friends and feel like family too. And I count my blessings… because the magic of Secrets is more than the beautiful grounds, buildings, carvings or location. The magic comes from the heart…. and all the little thoughtful details and personal touches.

When you call up on the phone, we go the extra mile to provide a room, package or special extras to make your stay or meal with us perfect for you. When you walk through our doors you are given the same attention, privacy and care that we give to the celebs that book their secret getaways. The magic of Secrets is that you become part of our family. So as I sit here near the crackling fire, enjoying my years and feeling blessed surrounded by family… I invite you to knock on our carved doors, ask to see a treehouse, or have a meal in our restaurant. We hope to see you soon so you can experience the magic too….

To find out more or to book please contact our friendly staff on 07 5478 5888 or email or visit

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