Rain, Hail or Shine…

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Recently the threat of Cyclone Oma’s imminent assault on South East Queensland sent locals and tourists into a whirlwind frenzy of anticipation, preparation and trepidation. Complicated tracking systems predicted up to 20 inches of rain and extreme damaging winds. We are no strangers to the effects of tropical cyclones in Queensland, so our larder’s were stocked, holiday plans questioned or cancelled, and the bottle shops boomed. And then we waited… and waited… and waited some more…

And nothing happened! Well, not entirely nothing… the surf was definitely something to write home about, and we got some lovely showers to refresh the lush gardens here at Secrets on the Lake. We know that some areas certainly felt Oma’s onslaught and our hearts go out to those in North Queensland who are currently battening down again while still recovering from recently receiving a year’s worth of rain in just one week!

Here in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland we are blessed when it comes to weather events. In the heat of the QLD summer we are always a welcome few degrees cooler than the coastal towns only half an hour away down the hill. The cool coastal breezes waft up the hill, thermal through our valleys and travel across the rippling water’s of magnificent Lake Baroon right in front of your treehouse decks.

When it buckets with rain, all of our many beautiful creeks and waterways start pumping, and the private waterfall behind our penthouse treehouse ‘Secrets’ thunders its own powerful rhythmic force. The creek behind the rustic spa and BBQ house at our WhistleStop cabin becomes a rushing rapids that you can almost reach out and touch. And the Lake Baroon spillway can send shoots of water through the air in a glorious display of nature’s raw power… much to the delight of tourists and locals alike who flock to its viewing platform for the perfect picture.

The cooler winter months are our peak accommodation times, largely because our guests really enjoy the warmth of our stunning floating fireplaces as they re-energize, reconnect with each other, and enjoy our pristine rainforest environment. The beauty of the Sunshine Coast’s temperate climate means that it just doesn’t ever really get cold enough for a log fire in the popular tourist destinations down on the coastal flats. Choosing the Hinterland as your holiday or restaurant destination actually gives you the welcome chance to really enjoy the hotter and cooler months for all their glory.

So, before you buy into the latest ‘most sophisticated’ weather predictions and cancel your holiday or Hinterland dining plans we hope you check in with us to see what is happening outside of the algorythmns. Rain, hail, snow or shine… Secrets on the Lake has you covered, and each season gives you a different glimpse into the stunning location we are lucky enough to call home.

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