Putting your best foot forward…

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Earlier this year, Secrets on the Lake was forced to close our beautiful hand-carved doors to the public after 25 years of welcoming guests to our magical treehouse hideaway tucked away in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. This period of lock down hit the hospitality industry hard and our hearts go out to the many businesses who did not survive this time and are still struggling now. We remain eternally grateful for the patronage of our treehouse guests and Dining on the Deck foodies who have returned to our business as restrictions slowly lifted.

In this life, we are presented with hundreds of situations and opportunities each day. Some are wonderful and full of promise… like meeting the person of your dreams or landing that dream job. Some, like the implications of COVID19, are not so wonderful. Life comes fast and change can happen when you least expect it! But whatever the positivity of the situation that presents itself, they all have lessons for us to learn, unique opportunities for growth, and things to be grateful for.

As I sit here with the wisdom of my 76 years on this planet, I think for me the key to riding this rollercoaster of a year is to take life by the horns and just go with it…ride that wave the best you can! For us, much as things can at times be bleak, the only thing we can count on is that nothing lasts forever. Putting your best foot forward is an important, yet under-rated life skill.

At Secrets on the Lake, George and I decided to take this unique period of time where we were closed to the public to roll out a maintenance schedule that would not have been possible in ordinary circumstances. When you visit us now you will see new tarmacked driveways, new decking areas, lush new planting, and all of our beautiful woodwork and carvings have been sanded and re-oiled until they sparkle better than new. It is something we are now grateful to be forced to close our doors for. It means we can continue to provide our guests and visitors with the most magical experience possible when they visit us by the magical waters of Lake Baroon.

So rather than become overwhelmed as is so easy in these uncertain times… Let us enjoy being in each other’s company while we can and give each other roses while we can smell them. We invite you to book a table in our magnificent daytime rainforest restaurant Dining on the Deck and come and smell the roses… literally! When they are plentiful, George and our friendly staff have them on hand to give you as you leave the restaurant as our return customers will remember with a smile.

If you have a little more time up your sleeve, then revisit your bucket list and book a stay in one of our world class luxury treehouses featured on national TV as the ‘perfect romantic escape’. It is about living our best life by appreciating where we are at this moment and being grateful. Grateful for getting another 24 hours of opportunities and experiences. Grateful for the special people that are in our lives, and most of all being grateful for the beautiful part of the world we call home. We hope to see you soon!

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