“parkrun” at Secrets on the Lake Montville Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

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A much loved guest Maarten Kamp and his lovely wife Marie-Claire visit Secrets regularly at this time of year. Over the years, they have shown a lot of interest in bushwalking and running. More recently they have tackled the steep hill, known as The Narrows Road that is the access road to Secrets. Yesterday Maarten, who we understand is a member of  “parkrun”, ran the hill in 8.5 minutes. He tells us that the run to the telegraph pole opposite Montville Mist spring water factory is the warm up and from then on he is into the serious stuff, part of which is a category 4 incline run. Obviously, to complete the run you must cross the road to touch the direction signpost on Western Avenue! George and I were very impressed and have awarded him a Certificate of Achievement for breaking the record for this run.

Secrets on The LakeThen this morning they were off to the Nambour Regional Park to attempt an extremely challenging course, Nambour parkrun, which he tells us is a real test of fitness.

It seems there are a number of registered “parkrun” sites here on the Sunshine Coast.

I have to admit I was ignorant that such an organisation existed. Seems it started in the UK and is very popular across Europe, in limited way in Asia and here in Australia. Members meet on. Saturday morning at 7 am to run as a group. With their membership they receive a barcode which at the finish of their run they register which leads them to receive the details of their achievement. It is run by volunteers and is sponsored rather than costing individual members exorbitant fees.

Meantime here at Secrets on the Lake, George and Aldy would like to let our guests, potential or otherwise, know that we have a number of challenging activities for the fitness conscious. These include bushwalking along the Great Walk, canoeing on the Lake and the Narrows Road Challenge.

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