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Massage at Secrets

Many of Secrets guests like to enjoy a massage as part of the relax, rewind and reconnect experience of staying in our beautiful treehouses. We have sought out the very best massage therapists in our region and made arrangements with them to come direct to your room… so you don’t even have to get out of your bathrobe!

We would like to introduce you to Donna from Montville Mind and Body (0423 101 477) who is the newest addition to our wonderful Massage team of Marnie from Temple Massage (0481 846 064) or Angela from Touch of Power (0407 136 794). Donna has over 30 years experience and is a wonderful addition to our MT team. Angela has been with us for over 20 years, and Marnie has recently taken over Temple Massage. All of our therapists are able to do singles or couples massage and offer you different packages and treatments designed to pamper, re-energize, and work away the knots and stresses that plague us in our perpetually busy lives.

How can you book? We ask that you book direct with the therapists we have arrangements with. Their contact details  and more information about their hourly rates and special packages can be found below…

Touch of Power Massage

Call Angela 07 5445 7778 or 0407 136 794  Schedule an Appointment

Angela, owner/operator of Touch of Power Massage has been providing a professional massage service to Secrets on the Lake and surrounding areas for the past 21 years. Touch of Power Mobile Resort Massage combines the traditional wisdom of Oriental medicine with the gentle art of Aromatherapy to relieve stress and disorder in the body. Angela’s massage, spa and beauty therapy has evolved to offer the ever popular ‘romantic side by side’ massage booking that couples have come to love and expect. She works side by side with intuitive therapists attuned to your inner healing.

Her unique ‘Natural Body Rituals’ such as Swedish Serenity, Cupid’s Garden, Sacred Body Retreat and Sunset Surrender are designed to free your spirit from the physical, mental and emotional demands of everyday life. Touch of Power operates in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland – Montville, Flaxton, Mapleton & Maleny… bringing everything to you to restore your peace and serenity. Quality setup and delivery, intuitive and receptive to your individual needs. Also specialize in wry neck, back and frozen shoulder issues. Visit www.touchofpower.com.au for more information or follow this link for instant Book-online. Reviews on Facebook

(please note the following are cash payment prices only. If choosing to use Paypal for payments there are additional fees)

Swedish Serenity (couple) 1 hr $215.00

Supreme Serenity (couples) 1 hr 15 min $255.00
Cupid’s Garden (couple) 1 hr 15 min $265.00
Sunset Surrender (couples) 1 hr 30 min$295.00
Tranquil Mind – Tranquil Body (single) 1 hr $115.00
Sacred Body Retreat (single) 1 hr 30 min $155.00
Aphrodite (single) 1 hr 5 min $125.00
Cleopatra’s Secret (single) 1 hr 30 min $155.00
Essential Shiatsu (single) 30 min $65.00
Venus Beauty Facial (single) 1 hr $115.00

Montville Mind and Body

Call Donna 0423 101 477 or email Donna now for more information

MM&B is a  mobile wellness and massage therapy service operating in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.​ Our mission is to bring your mind, body and spirit to one place of bliss, balance and harmony. ​Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach from our highly qualified and soulful staff. We offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will assist you in finding your inner peace and balance. Techniques include Trigger Point, Reflexology, Reiki, Deep Tissue, Remedial, and Kahuna. Contact me to book a  personal consultation using the techniques that focus best on your specific needs.

We believe inner peace comes from a clear mind, healthy body and stillness. By working with modalities such as massage, clinical and/or spiritual  counseling, yoga and meditation  we leave our clients feeling energized and relaxed, with a deeper connection to self.  All treatments utilize the highest quality organic do-Terra oils to encourage a holistic state of balance, relaxation & bliss during your pamper time in the tranquil surroundings of the lush sunshine coast hinterland. We cater for individuals, couples massage, and small group packages, offering you a complete private wellness experience. Visit www.montvillemindandbody.com for more information or our facebook page for 5 star reviews and testimonials. Or call Donna to BOOK NOW on 0423 101 477.

Mobile Treatment Menu
(couples massage – please double price):
60 mins – Single $95
90 mins – Single $145
120 mins – Single $190

Treatment Additions:
Detoxifying Foot Soak & Massage  20mins – $40
Indian Head Massage  20mins – $30
Revitalizing Cold Stone Eye Treatment  30mins – $50

Mindful Balance Package – Duration – 120 min Invest – $165
Meditation, Massage and Mental Detox Package – Duration – 120 min  Invest – $165
Cold Stone Eye Treatments – Duration – 60 min Invest $80
Beautiful Delights – Duration 90mins – Invest $120
(add Cold Stone Eye Treatment) Duration 120 mins – Invest $165

Beauty Treatments:
Full leg – $45
Half leg – $25
Underarm – $20
Brow – $25
Lip chin – $15

Lash – $25
Brow -$15
Lash and brow – $35

Temple Wellness and Massage

Call Marnie  1300TEMPLE (1300 836 753) or 0481 846 064  Schedule an Appointment

Marnie Lee, a skilled and experienced natural therapies practitioner see more at https://www.templewellnessandmassage.com/about-temple is the owner of Temple Massage and hand picks exceptional therapists to travel to you around the Sunshine Coast.  We offer a range of pampering experiences that combine different styles of Massage that suits each individuals needs.  We also combine Facials and Foot treatments for those wishing to nurture their skin (using exclusive botanical Waterlily products) enhancing the massage and completely relaxing you.  Marnie is able to organize private wellness experiences such as private Counselling, Yoga, Meditation and Creative Arts Workshops.  Individuals, Couples, Groups such as weddings, girls getaways, birthdays and anniversaries can be catered for.  We genuinely care for our clients – check out our Facebook 5 star ratings!! https://www.facebook.com/TempleM/


Choose from Remedial, Prenatal, Healing Hands or Magnesium (add $10)
Duration 60min -$110 / 90min – $155 /120min – $210 (singles)
Mini Couples (2x30min $120)


Arts of the Orient or Magnesium Massage – 60min -$120 90min – $165 120min – $220
Escape 60min – $175  90min – $225
Temple Trinity 90min – $190
Glow Petite Facial  30min $70
Glow Nuture Facial 60min $125
Sole Serenity 30min $70 ($50 if added to 60min massage)


Gift Voucher

We create gift vouchers for our guests who want to share a little bit of Secrets with a loved one, a friend or even a loyal employee. It is always the right time to think about purchasing a Gift Voucher. We are very happy to help with any information about our gift vouchers which can be for a specific thing such as a 2 night stay at a particular time or as a voucher to use within a specific time period. A single Saturday night is not available by using a gift voucher as we have a 2-night minimum stay Sometimes it will be an amount of money towards a stay or a cafe gift voucher.

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