Making ‘Me’ Time…

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It’s a busy world… getting busier by the day. Often you need to divide yourself between so many people, places and commitments, that the moment you do manage to grab a minute to yourself, you seize it with both hands and savour every drop. The irony is that we are often the last on a very long list of people whom we need to look after… but when we prioritise looking after ourselves, the flow on effect can be felt by everyone around us.

I admit I was a little frazzled around the edges last week. It happens. As my kids often remind me… I am 75 years old now! But saying that, I have never let age get in the way of what I want to achieve in my days… age really is just a number! Last week was a doozey. Secrets Dining on the Deck kicked off the new Christmas package menu and pulled off a fundraising morning tea for 105 guests on the same day! The phone lines are busy, email accommodation and wedding bookings are flowing like Niagra, and the hot hazy days are laying us all out like lizards by the lake. My friend popped in and took one look at me and said… “I have a cancellation, and you need a massage. No arguments. Now!”

She was sooo right, I did need that massage… and I am still feeling its benefit a week later. Massage is one of our oldest healing traditions. There is no doubt that a massage can make you feel amazing, but modern science is now confirming what many of our ancient civilizations were convinced of thousands of years ago… the amazing therapeutic properties of massage can help:

  • Improve posture and relieve pain by relaxing locked up muscles, and helping release lactic acids after exercise
  • reduce stress and anxiety, and improve sleep by decreasing stress hormone cortisol by 31%
  • boost your immune system by increasing the production of disease-fighting white blood cells
  • improve your well-being by boosting the feel good hormones of serotonin and dopamine by up to 30%

None of this is a secret to our Secrets on the Lake treehouse guests. Our guests enjoy a couple’s massage as part of booking the Ultimate Romance Package. Many guests also take advantage of Marnie’s healing hands to book massages directly with Temple and make the most of their ‘me time’ to relax, rewind and reconnect with each other as they experience staying in our beautiful treehouses. We have sought out the very best therapists in our region and made prior arrangements with them to come direct to your room… so you don’t even have to get out of your bathrobe!

Marnie from Temple Wellness and Massage (0481 846 064) looks forward to helping you with your specific problems. All her therapists are able to do singles or couples massage and offer you different packages and treatments designed to pamper, re-energize, and work away the knots and stresses that plague us in our perpetually busy lives. How can you book? We ask that you book directly with Temple Massage to arrange a mutually suitable time. Their contact details are found on ‘Extras and Add On’ page under the ‘Stay’ heading on Secrets on the Lake website. More information about Temple Massage and their package options is available when you click on the learn more link. Please note, that our terms state that we only allow therapists from Temple Massage on Secrets Grounds, as we have vetted and made prior arrangements with them to come direct to your room.

For more information or to book, please contact our friendly staff on 07 5478 5888 or email or visit

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