The Joy of Anticipation or Planning Your Annual Holiday

The Joy of Anticipation or Planning Your Annual Holiday Being in charge of a business often means you tend to neglect your own holiday needs. Over the years, the most memorable breaks have been the ones we planned and looked forward to. A decision was made, months out, choosing a time slot in what for us was a quiet time of the year. Itineraries were developed, money set aside, flights booked and accommodation chosen. Then, we sat back and looked forward to the time we packed our bags and were on our way. From then on it didn’t matter what happened, how busy or tired we became, what problems arose, we were going to have a break and the feeling of happiness in the decision and certainty was there buoying us up, no matter what happened in the meantime.

I imagine many of our guests understand this phenomena as well, as many of them book their next break when they leave, and, we are told about how hard it is to hand the key back when it is time to go home.

Secrets is a place where people return. It is time out from a busy world. It is on the calendar as a retreat that ensures quality time with a loved one, and, as such, should be factored into the yearly calendar. It then can be savoured, both before the stay, and, when it happens.

If you have never experienced the fun in anticipation, then why not give it a try. For those who are in business, pick a quiet month and devote some time to indulging yourselves. In our experience November and early December or late January into February and early March seem to be good opportunities.  At Secrets our Summer Rates apply, the breezes blow, and the range beckons with its choices of food experience and varied activities, outdoor and shopping.

Need any help with your planning give us a call or visit our website and book online through our booking button.

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