Happy Easter

Once more we are steadying ourselves for the Easter Break and preparing to welcome many holiday goers and diners through our oversized hand carved doors. Having been here a time or two before, we know things get busy over this long weekend in our lush hinterland hills. And with good reason! It’s a simply stunning time of year to soak up the Autumn sun, crisp clear mornings, and magnificent views of the Sunshine Coast, Lake Baroon, and the many national parks in our region.


In true Secrets style, we are well prepared to give all our visitors the best experience possible. Our lovely staff are ready to greet expectant guests, the kitchen is stocked to the brim with fresh local produce and tasty ingredients, and our fabulous restaurant manager and her staff have their skates laced and ready to roll. It is a delightful time for George and I, as we get to meet up again with many long term guests and friends. So many opportunities for reminiscing, reconnecting, and rejoicing in each other’s company!


Many years ago now, George and I owned and ran a fruit shop business at Grantham, called Green Acres. If you drove that way, you may still recall the tractor and dray out the front of our business with a large handmade orange sitting in it, and a huge watermelon hung up high in the air. Our young daughter Cath would be perched on a stack of fruit as we did the needful and served our customers. At Easter, we used to watch the traffic going buy all weekend while we worked, wondering what it would be like to be off to the coast for a weekend! Well, here we are nearly 50 years later, and we are still doing it… and now Cath is perched in front of a computer doing our marketing!


But… Easter means so much more than a beach holiday for many of us. It is not just a time for BBQ’s and sunhats and your favourite stubbie holder… though all of that is lovely! For Christians it is about selflessness, sacrifice and forgiveness. It is about showing respect, making wise and considered choices, and about realising that no one is perfect, but that Christ gives us Salvation if we ask for it. For me this means that there is nothing we do that is ever so bad that we cannot be forgiven, and that we should learn to forgive others and ourselves. It is not our place to judge other’s choices or actions, but to strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.


So out of respect, on Easter Friday and Easter Monday we have always closed our doors to our beautiful Dining on the Deck daytime licenced restaurant. We are open Easter Saturday and Sunday. It is our wish that everyone enjoys their well-earned break this Easter, and whether it’s a BBQ at the beach or a gathering on our beautiful deck for a meal with family and friends, please remember to show respect and kindness to those who have to work to provide those services to ensure your happy holiday. We would like to show our own respect to our very special staff… our fantastic housekeepers, front of house, kitchen and restaurant staff. All of whom work their little hearts out with consummate professionalism, infectious smiles and a genuine desire to provide our quests with the best experience possible. Above all, please drive with care and respect as we would like to catch up with you all again next year!


Happy Easter from George and Aldy!

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