Acknowledging Wayne

Garden Weddings at Secrets on the Lake

About 8 years ago we asked Wayne Colbran to help us create an Australian garden. Prior to this it was like Topsy, it just grew. We had spent time planning it out, planting lawns and trees. It was in a special place but not special.

Wayne’s brief was to take it to a higher level and he did. Plants and trees that didn’t belong were replaced with beautiful natives. Garden by garden were tackled and then maintained until he managed to get round all of them. Noxious weeds eradicated and suitable plants researched and located.

About the time Wayne joined us, we had just finished the ponds and decks which are now known as “The Secrets Garden”. His challenge was to develop a garden that would be continuously stunning. Healthy sustainable ponds with beautiful reeds, hardy natives and flowers that were perennials and flowers to plant continuously for a year long show. Anyone who has visited our gardens will know that he has achieved this with bells on!

There are herb gardens, climbing plants for shade and shrubs to dress the Lakehouse, backdrops for our gazebo and the amazing carved glass and wood  buffet. He has a potting shed where he rescues our orchid plants and propagates the next lot of seedlings and shrubs. He loves his job and and never shirks in his goal to take care of it.

Having such a delightful spot, George and I decided to open it up for wedding parties as well. So more recently it has become a venue for garden weddings.

Because of this we are now able to afford to be more sustainable by welcoming couples from those who want to elope to larger events.

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