Dining with Friends

George and I are very busy people, so much so after a huge day, I may suggest “How about taking me out to dinner?”  Invariably he will say “Scrambled eggs will do!” Or ” Have you still got some of your pumpkin soup or savoury mince in the freezer?” I’m then resigned to …. not tonight Josephine.

However, I have discovered that if I arrange to go out with friends, he is very amenable.  Some of our loveliest occasions have been dining with our friends who are generally in the accommodation business as well, and, who have had to learn to play at night.  Some of the best laughs, most delicious food, and evenings of great companionship have been with our friends from Montville Getaways. Not only have we dined together we have had some of the best  holidays together as well.

Now that we have extended our business “Secrets on the Lake”to include Secrets Cafe/Restaurant on the Deck, we have always enjoyed the fact that our diners like to bring their visitors, friends, clubs, birthday parties and groups to enjoy a meal in good company and with a great view as well.

To this end we have designed an interesting menu with High Teas, Club Packages, Christmas in July and have a shortened menu for groups as well.

Our staff are happy to help you plan your group occasion from small to large.

Please feel free to contact us to design your special occasion

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