Click Your Heels Together Three Times….

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George and Aldy would tell me as I was growing up in the Sunny Coast Hinterland, ‘there is no place like home’. But I was never one to believe point blank what anyone told me, least of all my parents, and I had to see that for myself. As a typical Aussie girl, I spent much of my 20’s with a backpack and the ‘bug’, travelling all over this amazing world. I travelled to the Himalayan peaks, the Saharan dunes, the beaches of Kerala… and a hundred places in between. I’ve had my right of passage working in London, and I’ve rubbed shoulders with the millionaires living and working in Bermuda. You name it, I’ve done it… or I know someone who has!

So, when I say now that ‘there is no place like home’… it’s not just sentiment. The Sunshine Coast really is one of the most beautiful parts of this planet for so many reasons, and up here in the hinterland is the green jewel of this crown… my kind of perfect. But what is perfect? I know perfect for me is probably going to be different for you. To keep it simple, I’m going to break it down to the climate, the people, and the place.

Our temperate climate means beautiful weather all year round and plenty of rain to keep our rainforests lush and inviting. We enjoy romantic wood fires in winter and cooling off in the babbling rock pools and waterfalls of our many hinterland creeks in Summer. Our gardens are magnificent, vibrant with colour and teeming with variety. Here at Secrets on the Lake, our gardens showcase some of the best that the hinterland has on offer! They are George’s pride and joy and have been lovingly maintained and gently coaxed into a glorious kaleidoscope of life’s best.

The people who live up here in the hinterland hills are another reason that makes this place just perfect. They say like attracts like… and there are a lot of like-minded people who have gravitated to our hills. People who go the extra mile to point you in the right direction or lend a helping hand. People who care about our planet and are walking the talk with recycling and reducing our carbon footprint in this beautiful place. People like my parents George and Aldy, who will bend over backwards to make sure your hinterland escape is just perfect for you. And if you are one of the lucky ones who have stayed with us here at Secrets on the Lake… then you know that is not just words, but the underlying ethic of sharing their dream of creating the ‘ultimate romantic getaway’.

As a place, the hinterland has everything going for it… only half an hour from the beaches and bustle, but an idyllic green escape that feels a world away from the demands of day to day. A place steeped in ancient Aboriginal history and tradition, and Secrets on the Lake is built right on this ancient gathering place for our local Aboriginal tribes. A place where for thousands of years tribes would connect and feast on the Bunya Nut bounty of Baroon Pocket. When you stay in one of our treehouses you can tangibly feel the energy of this place work its healing magic and strip away the cares and worries of living in this hectic modern world.

Queensland, as they say, is beautiful one day and perfect the next! Sounds like a cliché… but it really isn’t. Mum and Dad were right (but don’t let them know I said so), there really is no place like home. Next time you are in the Hinterland pop in for a meal at Dining on the Deck, or a romantic escape in one of our world-class treehouses, and let me know what you think. If there is somewhere better on this planet then I haven’t found it yet… and I’ve been searching for 30 years!

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