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The Sunshine Coast Hinterland

The Sunny Coast Hinterland… Stay at Secrets and soak in the extraordinary sights and experiences of the hills

We moved to the Sunshine Coast hinterland in the 1970’s because it truly is an oasis… and in all that time across all those seasons, the rolling hills and lush valleys have always been green. The views from our vantage in the hills of the beautiful Blackall Range out across the Glasshouse Mountains and beyond to the coast really are amazing… but it doesn’t end there. We experience such beauty every time we take a drive that we as locals can fall trap to taking for granted. But we shouldn’t. It is unique and breathtaking. It speaks to the soul and puts everything else in perspective.

Take a leisurely drive west from Mapleton township and you experience beautiful panoramas of the lush Obi Obi Valley. Glimpses of the majestic Lake Baroon from the Montville-Maleny range road are also amazing, but the lake views that our treehouse guests and Dining on the Deck patrons enjoy across Lake Baroon from their lake’s edge perch are truly magic and will leave you picking your jaw up off the ground.

Step out of your car and stretch your legs along the Great Walks Sunshine Coast trails from Lake Baroon to beyond Mapleton… 57kms of bushwalking through ancient rainforests, babbling waterways, and places of extraordinary beauty just waiting for you to experience. The walk has been created so it can be tackled in sections and becomes doable for the average nature lover to explore.  If your legs don’t stretch that far,  then very near to the walks Lake Baroon entrance is the Obi Obi creek which flows through the National heritage listed Obi Obi Gorge. You can walk down to the creek, rock hop across to the other side and along to a large rock pool where you sit under a beautiful waterfall and swim.  The gorge can be difficult to access from the creek itself but can also be seen from the Great Walk above.

Every corner of the hinterland from the Glasshouse mountains through Maleny to Montville and beyond has a unique and stunning natural feature to explore. Places like the Mary CairnCross Discovery Centre and Australia Zoo are also full of local information and stories. You can also enjoy the other special things like extensive local produce, stunning food and restaurants, and beautiful creative art available here from our talented local artists.

If this was all it was, it would be enough to thrill the average nature lover… but historically the Lake Baroon is also exciting and humbling… it was here that our indigenous people have held the Bunya Nut Festivals for thousands of years and still to this day. We are told that some came from as far away as Townsville to take part. The serenity and magical ambiance of Secrets on the lake may partly be due to our locale at the heart of the historical Bunya Nut festivals.

We suggest that when you come and visit… take some time and stay in style. Why not experience our world class treehouse accommodation at Secrets on the Lake, situated on the edge of Lake Baroon and near the entrance to The Great Walk. Take a welcome cooler break here in the hot summer months, or enjoy a cosy romantic log fire to ward off the winter chill. And with so much to explore up here in the hills, you might need a few days to soak it all up.

The perfect Christmas present… Secrets on the Lake Accommodation or Dining Gift Voucher

How fast has this year flown by?! Blink and we will all be sitting around the dining table with bonbons and silly hats and Aunty Daphne snoozing contentedly in the corner chair.

But on a serious note, as time marches on you gain some insight into what really matters in life (along with those laughter lines and salt and pepper sprinkles)… and that is the living of it… the really important things are those experiences that remind you you are alive, and spending quality time with your family and loved ones. This has been the driving force behind creating the magical treehouse accommodation and Dining on the Deck café at Secrets on the lake in Montville. A place that truly celebrates love and nature.

We offer Gift Vouchers for accommodation or Café Meals starting from $50 to full accommodation packages. The perfect gift to share the magic of Secrets and rewind, rejuvenate and refresh from the hectic pace of everyday life.

So why not be the Secret Santa everyone wants to rub shoulders with this year and contact our friendly office staff to enquire about purchasing a gift voucher for your loved ones for this Christmas. Call 07 5478 5888 or email info@secretsonthelake.com.au or visit www.secretsonthelake.com.au.  


Pamper yourself with a massage…

Many of Secrets guests like to enjoy a massage as part of the relax, rewind and reconnect experience of staying in our beautiful treehouses. We have sought out the very best massage therapists in our region and made arrangements with them to come direct to your room… so you don’t even have to get out of your bathrobe!

Our experienced Massage Team of Angela from Touch of Power (0407 136 794) and Marnie from Temple Wellness and Massage (0481 846 064) look forward to helping you with your specific problems. Angela has been offering a professional service in the hinterland for 20yrs,  and Marnie has recently taken over the Temple Massage team. All our therapists are able to do singles or couples massage and offer you different packages and treatments designed to pamper, re-energize, and work away the knots and stresses that plague us in our perpetually busy lives.

How can you book? We ask that you book direct with the therapists who we have made arrangements with. Their contact details are found on our useful links page under the ‘About’ heading on Secrets on the Lake website. More information about their special packages can be found on our Massages page under the ‘Special Extras’ heading on our website. We find it less complicated if you book direct to arrange a mutually suitable time and in general it saves you paying the GST we would have to charge if booked through our business.

View our Massage information page online at http://www.secretsonthelake.com.au/massage/ for more information and contact details for Angela or Marnie.

Update on Secrets

Secrets Bookings now made easier.
For the best booking experience
visit Secrets on the Lake’s newly updated website www.secretsonthelake.com.au
Available on all devices…. iPhone, iPad, Laptop or Computer.
Our website has all of our information in an easily navigated format Visit us on a regular basis to check our special offers, now on the top of the home page, and to choose the extra add-on packages that we can offer.
You’d can read our latest blogs and choose to order one of our gift vouchers through our online option or send an enquiry.
Bear in mind booking through our website or alternatively giving us a call (07)54785888 will allow you to request one of our special offers or a particular treehouse. Secrets staff can assist with any of your booking needs down to tailoring your special occasion such as tips for your proposal, wedding, elopement, honeymoon, anniversary or long awaited holiday.

Tips to bear in mind.

A standard stay at Secrets on the Lake includes more than just a bare room tariff.

Enjoy our sumptuous breakfast basket with its complimentary bottle of wine given only on arrival. It is unexpected and delightful and included in most of our standard tariffs.

We offer to all accommodation bookings delivery of home baked croissants or breakfast muffins(select from our muffin menu)

We have treats such as our afternoon tea home baked scones with strawberry jam and cream served complimentary on arrival. For seconds order the Devonshire Plate with beautiful coffee at our cafe.

Secrets offers free canoeing, bushwalking, and the use of a massive billiard table

Our BBQ, picnic and meal options delivered upon request to your cabin means you don’t need to leave your treehouse and it is truly a holiday for everyone.

Blessed Rain

In recent times, there has been  a drought particularly here in the catchment of Lake Baroon. Any serious rain has seemed to bypass us and due to SEQWater siphoning off large amounts of water South to other communities and to Brisbane, we had been left with a sorry excuse for a water supply dam. However, the recent rains have helped to improve the water level as well as give a thirst quenching drink to our rainforest and gardens. For the past 12 months George has been working to bring our gardens to a higher level and with the help of Phil and Jeremy our maintenance guys, he has got them to an awesome standard. To top it off our son Rob has rebuilt the jetty and we have been waiting for it to get its feet wet. It is a stunning job!

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The Joy of Anticipation or Planning Your Annual Holiday

The Joy of Anticipation or Planning Your Annual Holiday Being in charge of a business often means you tend to neglect your own holiday needs. Over the years, the most memorable breaks have been the ones we planned and looked forward to. A decision was made, months out, choosing a time slot in what for us was a quiet time of the year. Itineraries were developed, money set aside, flights booked and accommodation chosen. Then, we sat back and looked forward to the time we packed our bags and were on our way. From then on it didn’t matter what happened, how busy or tired we became, what problems arose, we were going to have a break and the feeling of happiness in the decision and certainty was there buoying us up, no matter what happened in the meantime.

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June is celebration month

It is the beginning of what is officially winter when we enjoy wearing our winter clothes at night but the days are glorious, warming up and wind free. George will spend loads of time gardening and the maintenance guys will enjoy the outdoors and not need to seek shade. Guests will be noted trekking off to the Kondallila Falls or, wandering stick and picnic in hand, exploring the bush on the way to the Obi Obi Gorge and The Lake Baroon Lookouts.

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Secrets is not just a place to stay ….It’s an experience of a lifetime.

A stay in one of our treehouses is like living in a work of art with all the elements of design. A conflagration of all the senses. Each artist craftsman has been given the luxury of creation within a special theme. So for example Dragonfly has not only one example of a dragonfly but 29 physical examples…flying out of the carved wood… made in tiles like jets with fascinating jet streams… created lifelike in stained glass and …..the piece de resistance in ironwork behind the bed. And I can wax lyrical about everyone of our treehouses.

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Unique Proposals Heli Tours

Bruce Hume began making jewellery when he was 15 years old. Now he is the owner of Gold River Jewellers at North Lakes. Bruce is also a qualified helicopter pilot so he merged his two passions and created ‘Unique Proposals’. He offers packages where he can make an engagement ring and then fly guests to a romantic location so they can pop the questions.

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“parkrun” at Secrets on the Lake Montville Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

A much loved guest Maarten Kamp and his lovely wife Marie-Claire visit Secrets regularly at this time of year. Over the years, they have shown a lot of interest in bushwalking and running. More recently they have tackled the steep hill, known as The Narrows Road that is the access road to Secrets. Yesterday Maarten, who we understand is a member of  “parkrun”, ran the hill in 8.5 minutes. He tells us that the run to the telegraph pole opposite Montville Mist spring water factory is the warm up and from then on he is into the serious stuff, part of which is a category 4 incline run. Obviously, to complete the run you must cross the road to touch the direction signpost on Western Avenue! George and I were very impressed and have awarded him a Certificate of Achievement for breaking the record for this run.

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Gift Voucher

We create gift vouchers for our guests who want to share a little bit of Secrets with a loved one, a friend or even a loyal employee. It is always the right time to think about purchasing a Gift Voucher. We are very happy to help with any information about our gift vouchers which can be for a specific thing such as a 2 night stay at a particular time or as a voucher to use within a specific time period. A single Saturday night is not available by using a gift voucher as we have a 2-night minimum stay Sometimes it will be an amount of money towards a stay or a cafe gift voucher.

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