What is a perfect honeymoon?

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Are you wondering where to go for your Sunshine Coast honeymoon? Our ideas of the perfect location to share some blissful days together after the flurry and adrenalin of the big day are all very different. So, we appreciate that it might be hard to imagine how one place can still be your perfect honeymoon destination… but we have a secret to share!

Are you looking for a romantic rainforest escape? Or a stunning lakeside retreat? Are you looking for valley vistas… or a charming creek-side hideaway? Maybe you are looking for the truly unique experience of a luxury treehouse honeymoon? Whatever your preference, you can choose the perfect cabin or treehouse at Secrets on the Lake.

And now that you are ensconced in your perfect love nest… there are more versions of perfect to choose from. Are you wanting to sip on bubbles as you soak in the spa soaking up the magic of the lake and rainforest views? Does your adventure streak run to tackling the 58kms of stunning bushwalks, waterholes and waterfalls of the Sunshine Coast Great Walks? Australia Zoo or the Treetop Challenge at the Big Pineapple just down the road? Fishing or canoeing on Lake Baroon… or checking out some of the top 10 beaches in the world only half an hour away on the Sunshine Coast? Or, is your style more about immersing yourself in the hinterlands famous arts and culture scene, and sampling some of the best restaurants the Sunny Coast has to offer?

Whatever your style, we have you covered in a central location at Secrets on the Lake. And to those that have stayed with us before, you know it is all about the little details… the extra inclusions, special touches, and hands on service that goes above and beyond to make your stay extra special. An escape to Secrets on the Lake is not just the perfect honeymoon… but an experience in the magic of connection… with each other, as well as the flora and fauna of this stunning rainforest location.

And when the days have dreamily swum past and you are ready to face reality as you emerge from your treehouse cocoon… the glow of relaxation you feel is the same whatever your version of perfect! We think that it is a pretty good sign of a perfect honeymoon location, when the happy couples return to us year after year for their anniversaries. One of the first weddings through our doors over 20 years ago returns this year for an extra special occasion… the wedding of their daughter conceived on that honeymoon. In our world that feels perfect!
We have some big savings on accommodation rates for longer midweek stays! Ask us about our romantic packages with bathrobes, monogrammed glasses, massages, and romantic meals for two in your cabin. For more information or to book your perfect honeymoon please contact our friendly staff on 07 5478 5888 or email or visit

Wedding at Secrets on the Lake

What does love mean to you?

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We have based our business on creating a magic space where couples can reconnect with one another in our luxury treehouses nestled in a rainforest wonderland by the shores of Lake Baroon. I guess by the very definition of ‘reconnecting’, there must be a ‘connecting’ somewhere. It makes us smile to know that a lot of connecting goes on at Secrets on the Lake too.

A beautiful part of what our business offers you is a truly stunning location for couples to get married in our lush Secrets Wedding Garden. With its rockpools and waterfalls tinged by hand-carved decking areas and bridges, to its signing tables and reception areas within a stone’s throw of the lakes edge. I know I am a little biased, but I truly believe this is one of the loveliest locations to be married in the Sunshine Coast.

We have had the honour of hosting many ceremonies over the years. From 80 people full sit down reception, every treehouse booked for a week style celebration of love… to heart-touchingly simple elopement love declarations for two. We are all different… and so are the important details of our special day. This is the foundation of your wedding experience at Secrets on the Lake. We help you choose what is right for you…

So what does love mean to you? Because if it is all about committing to the person you love for better or for worse, saying ‘I do’… but saying ‘I don’t’ to paying off a wedding loan for the next 5-10 years, then we can give you another reason (do you really need one?) to give Secrets a call. Our Secrets All-Inclusive Midweek Elopement Package not only includes your venue, photographer, celebrant, florist, cake, canape reception and romantic interlude lunch for two… but it also includes 2 nights in a luxury treehouse for the honeymoon! We even provide 2 witnesses, or you can bring two of your own for the ceremony. All of this for $3350 if you book by Dec 2019! So, if love means everything to you, and you are lucky enough to have found ‘the one’ you are meant to spend the rest of your life with… don’t let money stop you! It really can be that simple. The best things in life often are!

For more information or to book, please contact our friendly staff on 07 54 785 888 or email or visit

Canoe Fishing at Secrets on the Lake

The Cycle of Life…

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This week we have had it all! In fact, this week as left us with a synchronicity of everything happening as it should We have covered the whole life cycle of events here at Secrets on the Lake!

All weddings are beautiful. We just love being part of that feeling of connection and joy that happens when 2 people in love commit to happily ever after with one another. Last weekend we had a particularly lovely and very down to earth wedding… and we wish the very best of love and luck to the latest couple joining our Secrets Wedding Club!

Today we have a small memorial down at the decks and rock ponds of the Secrets Garden Venue. The memorial has brought together family and friends celebrating the life of a local man who visited us many times over the years. As part of the memorial his family are adding a special tree to our gardens in his honour. Rest in peace… and in the peace and magic of our gardens by beautiful Lake Baroon.

For us, the sadness of this occasion has been tempered somewhat by the emergency exit of a young couple enjoying The Bower luxury treehouse late last night… and the catchup call this morning to let us know that their baby had been born! We really don’t blame the little tacker for wanting to get out and see the treehouse and lake views! Our heartfelt congratulations!

We have also had a slew of birthday’s celebrating in our Dining on the Deck daytime restaurant, a wedding proposal with a bohemian picnic in the secluded Sunset Hut by the lake, a truly beautiful elopement, and even a baby shower High Tea! Whatever your special occasion or celebration… we have you covered. And even if for no reason whatsoever apart from getting away without the kids and reconnecting with your other half for a night or two in our beautiful luxury treehouses, or a meal for two in our iconic Dining on the Deck restaurant…we have you covered!

To find out more or to book contact our friendly staff on 07 5478 5888 or email or visit

Team - Weddings in Maleny at Secrets on the Lake

Hospitality Workers

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We have been in the hospitality industry for the last 25 years. I guess we are now officially hospitality folk… and our days and nights are spent making sure all the needs and happiness of our guests are at the forefront of every decision, every detail, and everything we offer.

If you work in the hospitality industry then you know you need to be constantly adapting to change, ensuring that your guests are entertained, having a good time, and kicking back without a care in the world. At times it can be very physically and mentally demanding!

Within any given day, you may handle hundreds of customers at a time from a lot of different places or nationalities, juggling several tasks while still trying to remain personable and organised. And the 9 – 5 routine is ditched! Those employed in hospitality jobs often work longer and more unconventional hours than your traditional desk job. Weekends are for the guests or customers you are serving!

If anyone needs a holiday, then it is those working in the hospitality industry! And to our wonderful staff and all the other hospitality workers out there, we want to take a moment to thank you for giving up your nights and weekends… and for your smiles and professionalism. We know that not every customer walking through your doors has had a good day, but often after your service they walk away wearing your smile!

As a special thankyou to hospitality workers we would like to offer a midweek discount to those in the industry wanting to get away and relax midweek. Just mention the CODE S19HD when you book 2 nights or more in a luxury treehouse midweek from now until 31st March 2020… and get 10% off the cost of your stay.

For more information or to book please contact our friendly staff on 07 5478 5888 or email or visit

Wedding at Secrets on the Lake

Choose for you…

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We have all seen those images of stressed out wedding couples tearing their hair out, trying to source and book celebrants, guest lists, photographers, florists, wedding cakes, honeymoon accommodation… and a myriad of other details in preparation for their big day. Stress levels go through the roof! Bank accounts drain faster than Hussein Bolt… and when your wedding day arrives chances are you are close to falling in a heap!

It really doesn’t have to be that way! At the end of the day a wedding is about two people in love, making a commitment to be there for one another for better or worse. You don’t need to take out a second mortgage to feed hundreds of people, including Aunt Mabel from the UK whom by the way you haven’t seen since you were 6yrs old. In fact, you don’t need the stress of sifting through hundreds of suppliers all providing imperceptibly different versions of the same cake or bouquet.

Over the last 20 years we have seen hundreds of wedding couples through our doors at Secrets on the Lake… and enough pre-wedding stressed-out faces to come up with our own anti-stress solution to this dilemma! Enter the Secrets all-inclusive Elopement Package where we have taken care of all the details for you… including 2 nights midweek honeymoon!

We really have done all the hard work for you! Our wedding team have vetted all our local suppliers and selected the best celebrants, florists, photographers, and wedding cake providers… and included their services in our package. Everything has been taken care of… including canapes, bubbles, witnesses, and sound system. We even include 2 nights midweek accommodation in one of our luxury world-class treehouses… AND your romantic evening meal for two in your treehouse after the ceremony.

It’s your wedding, your choice… choose for you! So, there are a couple of things we need you to let us know… like the colour of your bouquet and buttonhole to match what you want to wear? What is your favourite flavour of cake? What music would you like? What date do you want to tie the knot? And which part of our stunning gardens and grounds do you want to be in when you say ‘I do’. With rustic, lakeside and rainforest settings available you can be sure we have the perfect location from your vows!

So keep your stress levels in check, your bank balance in the black, and bring your wedding back to being about 2 people in love making a commitment to one another. Contact our friendly staff to find out more about our Full Elopement package for only $3350! Call Jen or Sarah on 07 5478 5888 or email or visit

Canoe Fishing at Secrets on the Lake

The one that got away…

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We have all heard the story. The ‘Big Fish’ that was right there… and then got away. It was huge! Well at Secrets on the Lake, perched right on the shores of magnificent Lake Baroon, we hear this story quite often. When you stay in one of our luxury treehouses you have use of our canoes and fishing gear to go out and fish for Yellowbelly and Bass.  So we are told by our guests, there is a big Bass that seems to always elusively get away. We have nicknamed him the Baroon Pocket Beastie.

Now looking after our lovely treehouse guests, Secrets Dining on the Deck patrons, and our excited Wedding couples, means George and I haven’t actually seen the Beastie. It’s been a long time since we have thrown a line in the lake! But, we have heard enough of the same ‘you should’ve seen it’ stories to wonder…

For the fisherfolk among you… take advantage of some great midweek special prices and book a few days in a luxury treehouse. Bring your fishing gear and use our canoes to explore Lake Baroon. Or, George is happy to lend you his fishing rods and lures, so you can have a go at catching dinner… or maybe even finding the Beastie. We would love a picture if you do?

To find out more or to book contact our friendly staff on 07 5478 5888 or email or visit

About Us - Secrets on the Lake

Secrets Magic…

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Secrets is a family owned and run world-class luxury treehouse accommodation retreat, with a stunning lakeside wedding garden venue, and AGFG award-wining daytime licenced restaurant… and looking at us now it’s hard to believe that back when we first opened our doors, it was operated by just our family members! Granted, we were a bit smaller way back then… just 6 treehouses and the WhistleStop. Secrets on the Lake, much like our family, has been a labour of love with a life of its own… and in the end, better than anything we could have dreamed it to be.

I turn 75 this weekend! Where did the time go! I am writing this as I’m sitting in favourite nook by the log fire in our reception. My son Rob has just passed through checking with George about his latest building project, asking for more details on ‘What would you like me to carve Dad?”. I can hear my daughter Cath laughing and doing a happy feet dance in the office after gently coaching a young farmer on how we can help him devise a secret proposal for the love of his life. My daughter-in-law Sarah has just taken a small group of restaurant goers for a tour of one of our treehouses before the lucky couple who have booked it arrive for the next few days. I can hear the excited chatter of the group who have experienced a glimpse of the magic of our treehouses.

And then there is our wonderful staff… who feel like family, many of whom who have worked with us since before my teenage grandchildren arrived. And those cheeky grandchildren are now getting taken under those staff’s wing to learn the ropes in the restaurant and kitchen on weekends and school holidays. And then there is the lovely guests who come back year after year… some who have come to stay with us every year since we opened 25 years ago… guests who have become friends and feel like family too. And I count my blessings… because the magic of Secrets is more than the beautiful grounds, buildings, carvings or location. The magic comes from the heart…. and all the little thoughtful details and personal touches.

When you call up on the phone, we go the extra mile to provide a room, package or special extras to make your stay or meal with us perfect for you. When you walk through our doors you are given the same attention, privacy and care that we give to the celebs that book their secret getaways. The magic of Secrets is that you become part of our family. So as I sit here near the crackling fire, enjoying my years and feeling blessed surrounded by family… I invite you to knock on our carved doors, ask to see a treehouse, or have a meal in our restaurant. We hope to see you soon so you can experience the magic too….

To find out more or to book please contact our friendly staff on 07 5478 5888 or email or visit

Secrets on the Lake - Our Aboriginal Heritage

Our Aboriginal Heritage…

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The Sunshine Coast, and in particular the Hinterland, has an astoundingly long, amazingly rich and largely undiscovered Aboriginal history. This area has always been a place of cultural, spiritual, social and economic significance for the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara peoples. A great many of us are very interested in learning about Aboriginal cultures, especially the spirituality side of Aboriginal culture, but where do you start?… where can you learn not just historically, but about our contemporary culture?

Secrets on the Lake feels this connection to the world’s oldest living culture deeply. Before Lake Baroon came to be, we had a 50 acre farm in Baroon Packet and there was a Bora Ring on our farm. Secrets is located right next to the campfire circle stones used in the traditional Baroon Pocket gatherings for local tribes to feast on the Bunya Nut bounty during the ceremonies and trade, and mock ‘war games’ of these tribal gatherings. Did you know that the Bora Rings of earth and stone were made by the women, and a second smaller Kippa Ring was usually located a small distance away for men’s educational and ceremonial purposes?

There are not many Aboriginal owned and operated educational tours educating tourists and local communities about the traditions and significance of our area. Recently we networked with Tais K’Reala (aka Les) from Biral Tours who offers authentic aboriginal cultural adventures and experiences with a spiritual twist. He was a real Aussie Larrikin and we are sure his tours would be not only interesting and informative, but you’d probably have aching sides from laughing so hard. Check him out at or on their facebook page

When you stay with us at Secrets on the Lake, there are several easy to reach locations that played significant roles in local Aboriginal history…you just have to know where to look! To book your next getaway at Secrets on the Lake please call our friendly staff on (07) 5478 5888 or email or visit

Scar Trees, Mapleton

Only ten minutes drive along the Blackall range to Mapleton National Park lies a significant Scar Tree, similar to trees found in Nambour, and somewhere between 200-400 years old. Experts and Historians don’t know whether it’s marking a pathway, a boundary, or it might even be a signal to tell people to turn right to head up to the Baroon Pocket for the Bunya Festival. Tribes cut the gashes or shapes with stone axes but they didn’t destroy the tree, then they used the ash from the cut to heal their own wounds and to heal the tree after they’d taken the bark out of it.

Grinding Grooves, Landsborough

Just 20 minutes drive from Secrets on the Lake…take Old Gympie Rd exit just outside the centre of Landsborough, and the 200 million year old sandstone Little Rocky Creek has over 80 different Grinding Grooves that show a glimpse into ancient lives. They were used by the Kabi Kabi and Jinibara people to make and sharpen tools for their axe and spear heads, to build canoes, and to find and crush food.

Glass House Mountains

Just 25 mins drive from Secrets are the ancient Glasshouse mountains aptly named by Captain Cook as he chartered the Queensland coastline. The mountains took shape after a series of volcanic eruptions 25 million years ago. The 12 mountains are Queensland’s most iconic Aboriginal landmark due to their geographical and historical significances, but also because of the unmatched climbing opportunities they offer. Please be respectful to the wishes of local tribes and do not climb Mount Beerwah.

There is also a Bora Ring in the Glasshouse Mountains area just off Johnston Road on the Bruce Highway. It is about 2.8km off the road down a dirt track between Mt Cooee and a pineapple farm. A fence guards the Bora Rings fragile earth from damage. Please be respectful of this barrier and the significance of this site to local Aboriginal peoples.

The Aboriginal Dreamtime legend explains that Mount Tibrogargan and the biggest mountain, Mount Beerwah, are husband and wife, and that the remaining mountains are their children. In fear of the incoming floods, Tibrogargan gathered his children to flee to safety, sending Coonowrin, the eldest, back to help his pregnant mother. Coonowrin disobeyed, however, and instead ran to safety on his own. This angered Tibrogargan, and he chased his son down and beat him with a club, dislocating his neck. This injury would be permanent and explains Mount Coonowrin’s skewed peak. Tibrogargan refused to forgive Coonowrin for his actions despite his son’s many pleas, and cried heavy tears that formed a stream leading out to sea. Finally, Tibrogargan cemented his feelings of shame for his son by turning his back and vowing never to look at him again.

Romantic Accommodation Maleny Secrets on the Lake

Stay… just a little bit longer

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A guest popped in to the office to thank me yesterday… and this thankyou was a little different to the beautiful smiles on the faces of all our lovely guests as they drop their keys back in to reception and prepare to enter the reality of normal day to day. It was different because they hadn’t just spent a weekend or few nights getaway… they had just spent 7 days staying on one of our Luxury treehouses.

This lovely couple told us that their annual holiday was normally booked abroad but they had become tired of wasting a few precious days of their break in travel time, and this year had decided to spend it closer to home so that they could really relax and enjoy their break. And… they were so impressed that they have already booked their annual holiday back with us next year!
This kind of feedback really warms my heart, because as I am sitting here taking in the mist floating above the magnificent Lake Baroon and listening to the gentle sounds of wildlife scurrying and birds chirping on this crisp autumn morning, I can think of no place I would rather be.

Whether you want to hideaway for a week with your loved one in the luxury of your world-class treehouse, sipping champagne to the warmth and crackle of your open fire… or if you want to explore the many national parks, including Kondalilla NP with its stunning waterfall and creeks, there really is something for everyone. Why not sample the taste sensations of our iconic Dining on the Deck lakeside restaurant or the many other top class restaurants in our region. You can browse the boutique shops, and tour the fantastic art trails of the hinterland. You can visit some of the top 10 beaches in the world only 30 mins away on the Sunshine Coast. In fact, you could explore for weeks and still be finding new things to do, experience and enjoy in our beautiful hinterland and Sunshine Coast region!

We have some discounted special rates for long stays so if you are thinking about where to go for your extended holiday this year… contact us for more information about how we can help you with the ultimate world-class romantic or family holiday right on your doorstep in the Sunshine Coast. Call 07 5478 5888 or email or


George and the fruit cart - Green Acres

Happy Easter

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Once more we are steadying ourselves for the Easter Break and preparing to welcome many holiday goers and diners through our oversized hand carved doors. Having been here a time or two before, we know things get busy over this long weekend in our lush hinterland hills. And with good reason! It’s a simply stunning time of year to soak up the Autumn sun, crisp clear mornings, and magnificent views of the Sunshine Coast, Lake Baroon, and the many national parks in our region.


In true Secrets style, we are well prepared to give all our visitors the best experience possible. Our lovely staff are ready to greet expectant guests, the kitchen is stocked to the brim with fresh local produce and tasty ingredients, and our fabulous restaurant manager and her staff have their skates laced and ready to roll. It is a delightful time for George and I, as we get to meet up again with many long term guests and friends. So many opportunities for reminiscing, reconnecting, and rejoicing in each other’s company!


Many years ago now, George and I owned and ran a fruit shop business at Grantham, called Green Acres. If you drove that way, you may still recall the tractor and dray out the front of our business with a large handmade orange sitting in it, and a huge watermelon hung up high in the air. Our young daughter Cath would be perched on a stack of fruit as we did the needful and served our customers. At Easter, we used to watch the traffic going buy all weekend while we worked, wondering what it would be like to be off to the coast for a weekend! Well, here we are nearly 50 years later, and we are still doing it… and now Cath is perched in front of a computer doing our marketing!


But… Easter means so much more than a beach holiday for many of us. It is not just a time for BBQ’s and sunhats and your favourite stubbie holder… though all of that is lovely! For Christians it is about selflessness, sacrifice and forgiveness. It is about showing respect, making wise and considered choices, and about realising that no one is perfect, but that Christ gives us Salvation if we ask for it. For me this means that there is nothing we do that is ever so bad that we cannot be forgiven, and that we should learn to forgive others and ourselves. It is not our place to judge other’s choices or actions, but to strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.


So out of respect, on Easter Friday and Easter Monday we have always closed our doors to our beautiful Dining on the Deck daytime licenced restaurant. We are open Easter Saturday and Sunday. It is our wish that everyone enjoys their well-earned break this Easter, and whether it’s a BBQ at the beach or a gathering on our beautiful deck for a meal with family and friends, please remember to show respect and kindness to those who have to work to provide those services to ensure your happy holiday. We would like to show our own respect to our very special staff… our fantastic housekeepers, front of house, kitchen and restaurant staff. All of whom work their little hearts out with consummate professionalism, infectious smiles and a genuine desire to provide our quests with the best experience possible. Above all, please drive with care and respect as we would like to catch up with you all again next year!


Happy Easter from George and Aldy!

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