Breakfast at Secrets

Yesterday we had a breakfast birthday party on our deck. Approximately 20 people gathered as a family and celebrated with great food, an amazing view and best of all warm and wonderful friends. It doesn’t seem to occur to a great number of people to use breakfast to get together, yet, it is a wonderful time to enjoy food. Nutritionists tell us we should eat like kings at breakfast and paupers at dinner time. Breakfast should set us up for the day getting our metabolism cranking. Breakfast food is meant to be hearty but it is not indulgent. It is difficult to be tempted as the menu choices are generally savoury and not overly sweet, fruit rather than dessert, juice rather than soft drink, smoothy rather than thick shake and so on.

We often enjoy the company of guests for breakfast the day after a wedding. This is a  chance to gather again before dispersing to other parts of Australia and the world. We have even served a breakfast high tea to 60 people for an 80th birthday. This was quite challenging as you can imagine. Buffet breakfast is also feasible for big groups.

Chef Matt has created a New Breakfast Menu which is exciting, nutritious and has a variety of foods which caters for a wide range of people. He has added a couple of breakfast items that can be enjoyed across the day. This will be available from Saturday 2nd April.

We have also given thought to our accommodation guests, who may like to have breakfast delivered to their room. This menu will be available to them by 9am on every day except Mondays and some Public Holidays.

At this time we are open for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday by 8.30am and 9.00am Tuesday until Friday. We are able to open earlier for larger groups making a firm booking.

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