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Secrets on the Lake Art Gallery has stunning views of Lake Baroon in Montville.

We have hand-picked these local artists to bring you a wide variety of genres complementing our unique art space. George Johnston and his son Rob have designed the gallery in a way to showcase both the artwork inside and the landscape outside with huge windows framing the view of the rainforest and glimpses of Lake Baroon. Our hand-carved Tree of Dreams features pride of place at the gallery entrance and is a magnificent collaboration, carved by Jack Wilms and installed onsite by Rob Johnston, so you can appreciate its beauty as you dine.

Art Gallery Maleny at Secrets on the Lake

Our Artists

Secrets on the Lake Art Gallery has stunning views of Lake Baroon in Montville. Some of our artists include: Rob Johnston, Cathy Lawley, Gary Myers, Mark Kalifa, John Morrisson, Lindsay Muir, Cath Johnston, Diane Somers-Cooke, Siggy Cairns, Laura J, and Heather Jones. We are an active supporter of Fine Arts in the Hinterland and have a core focus on showcasing the amazing depth of artistic talent this region has to offer. If you are a local artist or art lover we welcome you to pop into the gallery and have a chat to Aldy Johnston

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Featured Artist

Throughout Secrets Art Gallery you will spot the recent addition of many hand-carved works created by well-known Sunshine Coast Artist, Jack Wilms. Jack’s passion is for creating timber sculptures of Australian wildlife and native scenes using Australian Red Cedar timber. Some of his artworks also feature in our reception and treehouses… so keep your eyes peeled when staying with us to see his work alongside the beautiful works created by our son Rob Johnston.

Jack chooses to work only with Australian Red Cedar because of its naturally occurring unique grain and the rich red colour of the timber. He ethic is to only salvage standing dead trees or trees on the ground as opposed to cutting down healthy trees. Jack specializes in carved Red Cedar doors and other useful carved furniture pieces. Most of the furniture and carved timber doors are made to order to suit the taste of each client. The beautiful timber sculptures evolve as Jack chooses the perfect piece of timber and starts to create.

Gallery Preview