A Secrets Surprise…

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Planning a visit to Secrets on the Lake is an exciting and romantic thing to do for your partner. The feeling of love and connection that comes from being totally surprised by a partner who has gone to a lot of trouble is one of the glues that keep a relationship thriving. Some of our guests can be masters of subterfuge in order to hide the trail leading to this big surprise. My team love to get involved and the fun and games not only make our job a real pleasure but makes the event unforgettable.

I recall way back a lovely lady asking us if we would let her visit Possums treehouse to show her husband how beautiful it was. Of course we said yes… because she had already secretly paid for the room! Off they went to Possums, and the story goes that as she was showing him the treehouse, she decided to take the framed picture of Bower Birds off the wall and put up another painting (his birthday present) and then proceeded to sit on the lounge and then lie on the bed to try it out!  Obviously, he became more and more shocked by her behaviour until he finally got it. They were actually staying! Their smiles on returning to the reception were priceless.

We’ve had another lovely gentleman arrive with his beloved who had had a tea towel wrapped around her head since they left home. She was left in the car while he checked in, and then lead down the boardwalk to the treehouse and unmasked at the entrance to a wonderful surprise of a treehouse filled with rose petals, romantic music and luxury chocolates.

Elopements are another opportunity to surprise, with ring boxes hidden in petal hearts on the bed, white pebbles spelling out “Will you marry me?” set up on the jetty, and everything in between… depending on possibility and imagination.

All of this brings joy and harmony between couples and is so worth the trouble, whether it be the one doing the planning or the one trying not to let them know they have sussed that something is going on. God Bless them!

Why not let our team at Secrets help you to celebrate in a way that becomes a story at the dinner table that gets regaled for the rest of your life. If you have a hankering for a surprise to spoil your better half, then give our friendly team a call for some ideas or suggestions on how we can make your own surprises come to fruition. Call us on (07)54785888 or checkout our website and send us an enquiry.

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