A Secret Place….

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One thinks of a place to retreat, to rest, to share, to delight and renew. Secrets, however, is much more than this. It’s the best of all worlds. It’s the delight of being outdoors on the lake or indoors in front of a winter fireplace. It’s the experience of being high in the rainforest canopy or walking barefoot on luxurious lawn amongst beautiful gardens and rock pools, and, it’s the joy of sipping a good wine, over a leisurely BBQ on a summer evening, or excitedly watching nature’s light show on the lake to be shocked by huge thunderclaps during an electric storm.

secrets accommodation montville

What is now under the lake.

It is a magical place. It is a sacred site where our aboriginal ancestors used to gather to enjoy bunya nuts, to talk peacefully and leave tribal disputes behind. Until this day Bunya Nut Festivals are held as they have been done for thousands of years. In fact, in late January this year – 2015, my little granddaughters were excited to watch some of our traditional owners dancing and celebrating in the picnic area below.

accommodation montville

This lies under the lake.

For me, from the first time I sat on the edge of the Lake, I have felt the serenity of this piece of land (often referred to as positive energy for want of a better word). George and I have always felt that we were fortunate to be able to create a haven of this place. It has always been our aim to do everything to the best of our ability and to dream of beautiful things as we created our tree houses.

secrets wedding accommodation montville

Now the spectacular Secrets gardens by the Lake.

Often guests arrive frazzled from a big day’s work, or a long trip or a domestic in the car. Secrets works its magic as annoyance is replaced with delight. A joke from George or Deb, a chuckle from Clare or Jen and the guests are beginning to smile and anticipate a wonderful time together. Our Secret Place then takes over…. And we will hear “It took so little time to settle in and relax. Normally it would take a few days”.

gardens at secrets montville accommodation

The gardens today.







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