50 Shades of Pink

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Secrets on the lake, here at Montville at the end of Narrows Road, is fundraising again this year.

Our Sarah is very busy organising everyone so that it will be a success.

We are aiming to support Breast Cancer sufferers and their families who live here on the Sunshine Coast. All raffle ticket sales are going to support the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital and the Cindy Mackenzie Foundation. Money raised through sale of pink food and Our Fifty Shades of Pink Cocktail Party to be held here in our cafe on the deck will be donated to Bloomhill. Our son Rob has made  a carved mirror to auction as well.

The focus of each Charity is one of support for Breast Cancer Sufferers.

The idea of helping this way is dear to my heart as I am counted among the lucky ones who have had a brush with this insidious cancer. We can all count numerous acquaintances who have fallen victim to it.

Being informed one has cancer is always traumatic. But right from the beginning 5 years ago when I had my mammogram and ultrasound I had reason to count my blessings. I was to have had my regular tests 4 months earlier but kept putting them off. It seems that that was the best thing, as mine, while being in both breasts, was in the early stages and were primaries. It is likely it would have been missed if I had had them at the correct time. I also was very busy and  could spend whole swathes of time without thinking about it. I needed surgery and radiotherapy but not chemotherapy. I am also a tough bird and very independent so just got on with what was required while trying to do what was best for my health.

I look around and see myself in a workplace that while being very busy I have wonderful staff Many of whom I have grown to value very highly, I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and have met some amazing people who now are our friends. Yes at times I am very busy and sometimes stressed even, but, it would be difficult to switch off the brain and give it all up. So we like to share.

I look at the devastation Breast Cancer has caused. It is most lethal if sufferers are younger and  this leaves young families affected as well. So members of our staff are selling raffle tickets and donating their time free for the cocktail party. Prizes include a stay at Secrets, lunch vouchers for our cafe/restaurant, art, jewellery, wine.

We would love you to join in and donate a prize or money,  purchase raffle tickets and come to our special Fifty Shades of Pink cocktail party. Dress in the pink theme. Join in the fun with lucky door prizes and best dressed man or woman and others.

This year It will be held on Friday 21st October between 6 and 9pm. You and your friends would be most welcome. To purchase your ticket call our office 07 54785888 or call in. Tickets for the night with finger food are $30.

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